We're hiring: Career Coach

How would you like to join an award-winning organisation providing training for people across Scotland in digital technologies skills? We are CodeClan, a digital skills academy with opportunities to join the student services team and guide the digital workforce of the future in their careers.


  • Coach & Counselor – Ensure all job-seeking graduates have a smooth transition from the classroom to job seeking and that they feel supported during this process. Reduce anxiety for students and graduates around their job search through clear communication.  Help students identify their personal goals to best impact their job search and educational experience.
  • Career Content Delivery – Educate students on skills needed to perform an effective job search and interviews. Lead both recurring one-on-one, classroom-based and remote delivery of career sessions.
  • Content Creation – Work with teams at CodeClan that are responsible for curriculum to highlight updates as needed and create new student-facing resources and lessons. Be a key thought partner in the curriculum an resource creation.
  • Managing to success – Track student progress and highlight to teammates and stakeholders when a student isn’t doing well or falling out of communication.  Ensure that our hiring partners are seeing job ready confident qualified graduates.  
  • Engage with the industry team – CodeClan has a defined Industry employer programme and account management that provides students and industry partners with the information they need to make informed choices about employing our students. 
  • Meet the satisfaction target  Codeclan is about the student’s success and satisfaction and this role is key to the overall success of our mission.  
  • Present to potential students – Be an active member of the external team to introduce the career aspect of the CodeClan journey at our events,  webinars, and at client talks
  • Meet the KPIs – Be accountable for the defined set of measures around our student services and career initiatives.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Familiarity with the tech (web development, data science, UX) landscape; previous experience working in some facet of the tech industry. Awareness of tech job market and breadth of opportunities.
  • Passionate about education & technology.
  • Previous recruiting or counseling/coaching experience. Account management or sales experience is a plus.
  • Comfortable presenting both one-on-one and delivering to a large group.
  • Able to give constructive, positive feedback to people of diverse professional and life backgrounds.
  • Previous personal job search experience, and an ability to be relatable.
  • Resourceful; able to pull educational resources from the community and to tailor lesson plans/meetings based on graduate needs.
  • Able to manage a large volume of requests and organize systems to keep track of students in various stages. Highly organized & data conscious.  
  • High emotional intelligence; able to empathize with others and can handle other people’s stress.


  • Motivating Others: Creates a climate in which people want to do their best; can motivate many kinds of direct reports and team or project members; can assess each person’s hot button and use it to get the best out of them; pushes tasks and decisions down; empowers others; invites input from each person and shares ownership and visibility; makes each individual feel their work is important; is someone people like working for and with.
  • Innovation Management: Is good at bringing the creative ideas of others to market; has good judgment about which creative ideas and suggestions will work; has a sense about managing the creative process of others; can facilitate effective brainstorming; can project how potential ideas may play out in the marketplace.
  • Managing and Measuring Work: Clearly assigns responsibility for tasks and decisions; sets clear objectives and measures; monitors process, progress, and results; designs feedback loops into work.
  • Organising: Can marshal resources (people, funding, material, support) to get things done; can orchestrate multiple activities at once to accomplish a goal; uses resources effectively and efficiently arranges information and files in a useful manner.
  • Listening: Practices attentive and active listening; has the patience to hear people out; can accurately restate the opinions of others even when they disagree.
  • Patience: Is tolerant with people and processes; listens and checks before acting; tries to understand the people and the data before making judgments and acting; waits for others to catch up before acting; sensitive to due process and proper pacing; follows established process.
  • Presentation Skills: Is effective in a variety of formal presentation settings: one-on-one, small and large groups, with peers, direct reports, and bosses; is effective both inside and outside the organization, on both cool data and hot and controversial topics; commands attention and can manage group processes during the presentation; can change tactics midstream when something isn’t working.


Accountable for the effective delivery of the student placement function at CodeClan across both locations with processes and procedures agreed by line management.  

Key Performance Areas / Indicators

  •  Numbers of active jobs versus those looking for work 

  •  Numbers of partner v non-partner roles 

  • % of students placed with industry partners 

  • Time to job offer 

  •  Time management across different processes related to the Student Placement function 

What we can offer

  • 5% company pension contribution
  • 35 days holiday every year (includes a mandated festive closure and an extra holiday for your birthday)
  • Training opportunities including short courses and access to online training materials
  • A supportive environment for growth including opportunities to attend conferences
  • Medicash Plan: a way of claiming back some of your personal medical expenses e.g. dental and eye care
  • Dedicated employee assistance: such as counselling sessions and discount vouchers
  • Cycle To Work Scheme
  • Life Assurance

Want to apply?

If this role sounds like a good fit for you, or even if you’re not sure and you just want to chat to us about the prospect of applying, please reach out. Send us your CV and a short note saying what you think you can bring to the role to: