Meet the team.


After a varied career working in the tech and training industries for over 15 years, I joined CodeClan in 2016 as an Instructor when the Glasgow campus was opened.


I have got 20 years of experience coding. I have been in the PSD instructor team for 2 years now. Prior to CodeClan I was working in the NHS for 7 years helping staff learn how to roster and to implement, test and design an eRostering system.


I'm a Statistics graduate with over ten years of industry experience in Data Science and Actuarial functions in the public and private sector. In my spare time I enjoy making visualisations and predictive models with football data.


Hi pals, I'm Ash. I work in the Glasgow CodeClan Campus. I like coding because it's like solving a bunch of little puzzles to make something bigger. Usually this is something practical but I like to make random generators.


Hi all, I'm a web developer who has been part of the CodeClan instructor team since 2015. My role involves helping to create and adapt the PSD curriculum so that it always meets industry requirements and optimises student learning.


Hi, my name is Neringa. I was a data student here at CodeClan before joining the team as a Technical Assistant. I love solving puzzles, which is why I was drawn to coding! I especially love using RShiny to create dashboards.


I was an Accountancy grad and enjoyed a rewarding career in retail management before graduating from CodeClan in 2022. CodeClan changed my life and I am living proof it’s never too late to learn tech. I am passionate about inspiring other career-changers to take the same incredible journey and find their dream job.


Hi my name is David, I’m a CodeClan Data Analysis graduate. Since graduating I’ve undertaken my own Scottish Tech Army projects to help others and improve data literacy in the UK.


Hey, my name is John, I joined CodeClan in June of 2021. I have a ADHD/Dyslexic brain and feel that CodeClan offers a non-traditional route into the world of software development that compared to traditional paths that are not created for neurodivergent folks like myself. My passions outside of work include no-gi Brazilian jiu jitsu, Dota2 and generally being an unashamed nerd, loving 2000AD, obscure terrible films and PC gaming!


Having an educational background in cultural studies and linguistics, and then thoroughly enjoying a good number of years of teaching English, I am truly excited to be able to carry over what I have been able to learn into my more recent passion - software development. A CodeClan graduate myself, I am delighted to now have the chance to give back some of what I received as a student.


Hi, I’m Sky. I’m from New Jersey, Lenapehoking and came to Edinburgh to study art. I now enjoy dancing and accompanying students on their journeys through programming.


Hello everyone, my name is John. I have a degree in ecology. I have carried out research in conservation biology analysing the effects of pesticides on British butterflies, and tourism on wild reindeer.


Before joining CodeClan I worked as photo lab technician (fancy name for developing photographs), a specialist pensions administrator and trainer. I've had a lifelong passion for coding, starting when I got my first computer at age 6 (an Amiga 500). In my spare time I like to paint miniature figures to use in various board games.


I'm a physics graduate who completed CodeClan's Professional Data Analysis course after spending many years analysing manufacturing processes in the microelectronics industry. I enjoyed CodeClan so much I ended up joining the team!


Hi friends, I'm James. I have industry experience as a Support Engineer, and a particular interest in Frontend Development and UX. Having experienced the transformational journey through CodeClan (student of E39), I am excited to help other people through their own journey.


I have a background primarily in UI/UX and User Research. I’m currently a TA helping on the Professional Software Development course whilst also expanding my knowledge and skills in Data Science, specifically in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I am also an avid enthusiast of Robotics and all things Python.


OG CodeClan graduate from all the way back in 2016. JavaScript enthusiast and understander of the struggle that is learning software development in a few short months. I enjoy taking complex and sometimes boring subjects and trying to make them accessible and fun."


I was a graphic designer and PM, but spent the last 6 years as a SAHM before graduating from CodeClan in 2022. I adore empowering others with knowledge and positive thinking. Outside of CodeClan I love Wordle and Sudoku, my houseplants, and I’m interested in pretty much everything!


Hey I'm Meera, I've been at CodeClan for a few months now, first as a student and now on the other side. I find coding to be creative and fun, I also love to cook, read and play the violin when I'm not coding!


After a previous career as a games tester, and a few years merely paying the bills in unfulfilling jobs, I decided to do the CodeClan Professional Software Development course in late 2016 (Cohort E7). I’ve recently returned to CodeClan for my second stint as an Instructor after working as a web developer.


I worked as a high school teacher and a technical engineer before I joined Code Clan. I love to solve puzzles like Sudoku and that’s why I enjoy writing programs to solve the everyday problem and to make the world a little bit better.


Hi there, my name is Al and have a background in neuroscience and brain imaging (having just completed my PhD in assessing brain health using MRI techniques). Throughout my research I have been increasingly exposed to coding and data analysis, and now here I am as an assistant instructor at CodeClan.


I worked in hardware design (PCBs and chip layout) for around 15 years before joining CodeClan as a student. I had such a great time that after working in industry for a time I returned as an instructor. I particularly enjoy building games and web apps.


I'm a CodeClan grad (E20) who went on to work at two Edinburgh startups (Python, Ruby on Rails, Typescript, React & React Native). I have come back to teach in the software development course because I love empowering people with code.


I worked in hospitality before studying at CodeClan. I graduated with cohort E56 and decided to stay and help others learn how to code. When I’m not coding I enjoy playing video games! Some of my favourite games include Final Fantasy XIV, Hollow Knight and the Yakuza franchise.


I am a Msc in Artificial Intelligence and Data science with a background in mechanical engineering, I love researching and answering some important questions using data in ML to develop algorithms for predictions and classifications, I am always striving to learn more and to become better. In my spare time i do gaming or working out at the gym.


Code newbie myself, I embarked on this journey with CodeClan back in 2015. Keen to help and inspire anyone looking to switch careers or start in the world of tech. I have a passion for community and diversity running other workshops and building on our Alumni community.


I am a final year Computer Science student with a passion for designing applications that solve everyday problems. Previously, I have worked as a web developer for a web agency which gave me valuable industry experience. The tech world is constantly changing and I love keeping up with new designs trends and technologies.


Student Services team

At CodeClan Morag brings her great enthusiasm of life to her role in overseeing the whole student experience. From socials to setting expectations, Morag and the Student Services Team are there to support all students in getting the most out of their experience while on the course.


Head of Student Services

Using my twelve years of experience in education, I support, empower, and coach students at CodeClan to reach their highest potential as learners and as human beings. Outside work, I am a free spirit spending a lot of time in the wild outdoors, dancing, and helping to build an inclusive world.


Learning Support & Wellbeing Officer

Ellie supports the whole team by ensuring the Edinburgh Campus is a conducive and friendly place to work and learn in. Supporting the Student Services Team she organises everything from pancake mornings to Edinburgh reception.


Student Services Assistant

I have 10 years experience of working in education. Before and during the pandemic I was a hiring manager for new talent in the education sector. At CodeClan I help students navigate their career planning and provide 1-1 support in gaining employment after their course. I love running and cycling and recently cycled the NC500


Careers Coordinator

Hey everyone! I work in the Glasgow office as the Student Services and Delivery Assistant. I’m also an Illustrator who loves animals and gaming. I look forward to meeting you all!


Delivery and Student Services Assistant

Hey! I am CodeClan's Career Coach, based in the Edinburgh campus. I have a broad range of experience, mainly within the education and employability sectors. At CodeClan I will be coaching students into their new careers, and offering guidance and support to help you make the right decisions when finding your new job. I love watching/playing football, going hiking, and trying new restaurants.


Careers Coach

Having spent close to a decade teaching English in Ireland, Oman and Scotland, I made the move to CodeClan to focus on my love of supporting students in a more holistic way. I hope to bring my enthusiasm for supporting people as well as my growing knowledge and experience of different learning styles, neurodivergence and coaching together to help me support students in any way I can. I hope to help students flourish academically, socially and emotionally and leave CodeClan having had a wholly positive experience.


Learning Support Coordinator


Susan is an experienced HR and Training professional and people manager with over 25 years experience across a broad range of sectors in the UK and the Middle East. She is a people focused person and believes in a collaborative environment to support innovation. Susan is passionate about her work at CodeClan - 'The best thing about my job?......changing people's lives!'


Head of Admissions

I have worked in education and admissions for years, and though I'm not a coder myself, I've been adjacent to the tech industry since moving to the UK. I have a passion for inclusivity and I do what I can to make everyone feel welcomed during the admissions process!


Admissions Officer

Exec Team

I am CEO of CodeClan, and previously, I was Chief Executive and co-founder at fintech for good Sustainably. During my career I have won multiple industry awards for fintech, digital products, marketing and innovation including Richard Branson’s Startup of the Year. I am passionate about tech for good and excited to lead CodeClan through the next stage of its journey.



I have over 20 years of experience in the tech industry as a software engineer and technical manager and I have a passion for helping other people succeed in technology which is why I love working at CodeClan



I’ve worked in financial services, education, the arts and now tech. I’ve specialised in accountancy for the last 10 years, putting myself through my ACCA qualification while working and raising my young children. I love what I do and I appreciate the opportunities and experience I’ve gained through having such a transferrable skill, all of which I plan to utilise in helping CodeClan thrive and grow.


Director of Finance & Operations

Hi, I'm Abby. I am PA to the CEO. I've worked as a PA in different types and sizes of organisations ranging from 10 people to 6,000 and in a few different countries. I really enjoy working in the tech eduction sector and supporting CodeClan to do even greater things in the future!



Office Staff

Hello, I'm the Head of Business Operations, and I have been working at CodeClan since May 2019. This is my first role in the tech eco system after working in the transport and utility sectors, and i love it here. Me and my team look after all the CRM systems and governance to keep all our teams happy in both of our offices. I also keep busy in my spare time as a House music DJ playing clubs around Edinburgh and I also play drums in a local riot girl band!


Head of Business Operations

Hi there! I work at our Edinburgh campus as a Finance and Operations Administrator helping my teams to manage our day to day finance and CRM systems. You may not notice me alot as I work in the downstairs office but feel free to ask any questions if you do see me and i’ll be happy to help. I also have a passion for Digital illustration in my spare time and am a big fan of movies and music so suggestions are always welcome!


Finance & Ops Administrator

Killian is an Edinburgh-based marketing professional with more than ten years of experience. Before CodeClan he worked with digital technology businesses, digital agencies and within the higher education sector.


Marketing Manager

Hello Everyone! I’m Sean, the Finance Manager here at CodeClan. I have worked in the tech industry for over 6 years now and love its diverse and exciting environment. I look after the general day to day finances along with the company assets. Outside of work I enjoy film, football, travel, music and going to the gym


Finance Manager

Hiiii! I’m Bruno and I am part of the Industry and Commercial team. I am responsible for all things involving CodeClan’s partners! It is an absolute pleasure to share the same passion for tech and inclusivity as all of CodeClan’s partners, as we all join forces to continue improving the Tech Ecosystem. Passionate about tech, gaming in particular (Pokemon even more in particular), dancing and people. Always happy to chat, so please say hi if you see me around campus!


Relationship & Account Manager

Hey! I’m Ken, I work part-time as the In-house Designer at CodeClan. I oversee all things creative and brand. The other half of my work week is spent as a freelance designer working within film. My main interests outside of the design world are (unsurprisingly) film, sports (NBA, Football & F1), cooking and travel.


In-House Designer

I am the Operations Assistant using a CRM system with a focus on reporting, analysing and interpreting information to make key decisions. I am driven by ensuring that every aspect of our Students and Partners journey is tailored to the highest quality. I am fascinated by Technology especially Machine Learning. I recently achieved a PDA level 8 in Data Science with Python and am currently preparing towards the Business Analytics and Big Data certification. To balance my screen time, I enjoy time outdoors doing long walks with my family, hiking and wild camping. I enjoy learning about different cultures through traveling, art and music and have a fascination towards the psychological human evolution.


Operations Assistant

Hello! I work as the Content & Social Media Specialist forCodeClan. Outside of work I love running, mountaineering, and baking.


Social Media and Content Specialist

Hi! I am Nicole. I am the Event Manager at CodeClan. I organise all our events whether that is our taster workshops, Open Week’s or one of speed networking events. I am usually working behind the scenes at our events but please say hi if you see me. I am also happy to answer any of your questions about CodeClan or our events!


Events Manager

I am an experienced account manager having worked across different sectors including the wine industry, housing sector and childcare; CodeClan is my first job within the digital sector.

Recently, my role evolved into Diversity and Community Lead and I am now enjoying building new long-term relationships that work toward inclusion for underrepresented groups within the digital sector while ensuring CodeClan is as diverse and inclusive as possible.


Diversity and Community Lead

Hi! I work in the marketing team dealing with managing the website, email marketing and all things SEO in-between. I have over 10 years experience in the world of digital and have worked in a variety of market sectors from finance to publishing, e-commerce to event entertainment.


SEO & Website Manager

After over a decade of teaching electronics-based courses, I switched careers with a Masters in Data Science. I believe that learning is the key to avoiding stagnation in any field. And that retraining opportunities, like the ones provided here at CodeClan can help play a vital role in reaching one’s full potential!


Industry Training Lead

Hello, I joined CodeClan at the start of 2023 to work with the amazing Industry and Commercial team. I love working in the tech industry, it's such an exciting, diverse and inclusive environment! What I find the most amusing about working at CodeClan is the pioneering mindset and resilience that bond people beyond any company culture I've come across before. Also, the office is really cool, don't miss an opportunity to come and say hi if you're ever in this neck of the woods!


Business Development Support Officer

Dave has a broad range of experience working in business development, customer success and B2B marketing roles for SaaS, professional service and sports organisations. In his spare time he can be found running around after his small children and filming/editing wedding videos.


Business and Community Engagement Director

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