Get £150 and a Limited Edition CC Hoodie

when you refer a friend to CodeClan*

Do you know someone who would love to turn their career into a career in tech?

If you’re a member of the CodeClan alumni or a current student and know somebody who’s thinking about changing their career, recommend them to apply to our Professional Software Development course and you’ll receive £150 PLUS a limited edition CodeClan hoodie once they start.

How it works:

When your friend is applying to the course an option will be available to state that they have been referred by a CodeClan Alumni member, with a text box to say who has referred them, have them enter your full name in the box provided. Once their application is received, and if an offer is made and accepted, you’ll receive £150 and a limited edition CodeClan hoodie in the size of your choosing once the deposit to start the course has been made. Terms and conditions apply.

Referring more than one friend?

Only one hoodie is available per alumni member, but you will still receive £150 for every friend you refer. The more you refer the more you make!

Have any questions? Get in touch and we'll answer them.

Terms and conditions:

  • Offer open to all current students and CodeClan Alumni members
  • Not applicable to any member of staff at CodeClan, including staff that are also ex-students. It is however open to former members of staff that are also ex-students. 
  • Payments to be made by bank transfer after details have been received by the Finance Team. 
  • Referral Scheme open between May to September 2019. 
  • Referred student much commence a course within 4 months of application to activate the referral payment. 
  • The referral scheme is not retrospective. 

*offer only valid once an offer is made, accepted and the deposit to join the course has been made.