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What is green software engineering?

Recently, you might have noticed a message at the end of a colleague’s email signature that reads something like: “In the interest of sustainability, I…
A portrait of Blaise, a man dressed in casual closes in a bright office setting with plants in the background. To its right there is the following text: "Meet a QA Engineer. Blaise Wielk at FanDuel".

What does a QA Engineer do?

Meet Blaise Wielk, a CodeClan graduate. Blaise studied on the 16-week Professional Software Development course and now works at FanDuel. In this interview, Blaise shares…
A graphic with the text "The Data & Design of Spotify Wrapped"

The Data & Design of Spotify Wrapped

Since 2016, the release of Spotify Wrapped has become a hallmark of the holiday season as the internet is flooded by users sharing their data.…

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