10 reasons to get data skills this summer

10 reasons to get data skills this summer

It’s the perfect moment to launch a career in data. It’s not only us saying it, it’s EVERYONE. 

Experts believe data skills will become as vital in the future as the ability to use a computer is today. Not every worker needs to become a data scientist, but everyone will need a basic level of data literacy to operate and thrive in increasingly ‘data-rich’ environments.

 If you’re thinking about starting a new career in data, we’ve gathered some stats for you to help you take the leap:

1.’Latest IT Skills Report by DevSkiller recorded a 295% increase in the number of data science-related tasks recruiters were setting for candidates in the interview process during 2021.’

“The rise in popularity of data science comes as little surprise given how valuable data has become to companies across the globe,” said Jakub Kubryński, CEO at DevSkiller. “The number of tasks in our testing catalogue related to Data Science and Python grew in 2021 by 158.33% and 113.33% respectively.”

2.‘The average base salary for a data analyst in the UK is £33K according to Glassdoor.’

This can vary depending on your seniority, where in the UK you’re located, and other factors, a principal/lead can easily demand anywhere up to £100K. It’s an incredible industry to get into and there’s no better time to do it!

3.‘Almost half ( 46%) of businesses said they struggled to recruit for roles requiring data skills.’

The results were based on surveys of 1,045 businesses, 5,000 workers and 1,000 students in higher education or training.

4.‘A recent report by Burning Glass Technologies revealed that demand for data scientists and data engineers tripled over the past five years, rising 231%.’

Of the 9.2 million job adverts analysed, just over one in 10 (996,000) required data expertise.

5.‘Data Literacy to be Most In-Demand Skill by 2030 as AI Transforms Global Workplaces’

Data literacy is only getting more and more important. Whether or not you’re a data analyst or data scientist, you’re definitely going to need data skills in a variety of careers and industries. 

6.‘Between 2019 and 2020, Data Scientists experienced a 12.8% salary increase– one of the biggest within the tech market’

There is high demand and low supply for this talent pool, so both pay and the wider benefits package need to be carefully considered.

7.‘The demand for people who know how to program in Python has grown by 154%’

Python is a programming language especially popular within data science and machine-learning applications.

8.‘There are potentially 178,000 to 234,000 data roles to be filled’

The main reason for the shortage of Data Scientists is that more and more companies are realising the value of data analysis in making informed business decisions.

9. ‘It was estimated that in 2016 the value of the UK data economy was between £61.3 billion and £73.3 billion.’

At full potential, researchers estimate that the UK data economy could have potentially been worth as much as £125 billion in 2016.

10.‘Refinitiv reported that between 2018 and 2020, there was a 260% growth in the number of data science teams per firm.’

And it shows no signs of stopping! 


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