5 Reasons Why Edinburgh Is The Best Place To Live In The UK

Edinburgh is an amazing city, with loads to offer and was recently voted the best place to live in the UK. We might be biased, but we really do think it’s one of the most exciting places in the world to live, work and study! Here are our top 5 reasons why:

1. Good things come in small packages

Although relatively modest in size, Edinburgh is a bustling metropolis. From fantastic galleries, libraries and museums, to an ample selection of pubs, trendy bars and clubs, everything you need is crammed into a surprisingly small area. Happily, most of these places are conveniently centrally located, and are a totally walkable distance from one another. With loads of parks nearby if you fancy a scenic stroll, not to mention an ancient dormant volcano to climb, you’re never far from nature, either.

2. There’s bags of opportunity for any tech enthusiasts

The city is buzzing, with a recent surge of exciting new technology companies joining the big players already on the scene, such as Apple and Amazon. Global success stories Skyscanner and FanDuel originated in Edinburgh, and the city has emerged as the most vibrant technological hub in the country. Anyone looking to get into the industry should definitely check out what Edinburgh has to offer.

3. It’s easy on the eye

Like fine wines and George Clooney, this city just keeps getting better with age. With over 5,000 listed buildings, a medieval Old Town, and a tremendous castle perched right in the centre, Edinburgh will charm architecture enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Whether it’s sunshine, rain or snow, her dramatic skyline and stunning views across the Forth will make you smile.

4. There’s a festival for everyone

Edinburgh is an all year party city. Not content with just one arts festival a year, the city holds multiple festivals during the summer, celebrating jazz and blues, film, books, dance and comedy, with additional food, science and winter festivals popping up throughout the rest of the year. We particularly love the Turing Festival, an exciting international technology festival that celebrates digital culture and creativity. The people of Edinburgh are ready to celebrate any and all cultures, throwing open their doors, venues and hearts to the world as everyone is invited to join the party.

5. There’s no better place to study

Edinburgh has been a beacon of education and enlightenment since the University of Edinburgh was founded in 1582. Although the school of medicine has been indirectly blamed for some of the more gruesome aspects of Edinburgh’s history (the city experienced a spot of bother in 1828 when famous criminals Burke and Hare grew tired of waiting for people to die, so they could dig up their corpses and sell them to the medical school, and decided to speed up the process using their trademark method of ‘burking’, or suffocation to you and I…) many important medical discoveries were made in this city.

Nowadays, contemporary courses are available covering a spectrum of technological disciplines, with students coming from around the world to take advantage of what’s on offer. With three more alternative universities and several colleges to choose from, not to mention Scotland’s first government backed digital skills academy, Edinburgh really can teach the rest of the UK a thing or two!

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