5 ways coding is changing the world

We seem to have become comfortable with all the technology now available to us. There are applications for nearly everything we can think of, and with a click or touch of a button, we own these applications.

But to most people, they think that these applications magically appear out of thin air, and the coders behind these apps get forgotten while you’re having a blast getting matched with trillions of sexy folk on Tinder and what not.

1. The World Wide Web
The most obvious one first… Billions use it every day to interact, it has changed peoples’ lives immeasurably, and as of January 2014 there were around 861 million registered websites. Some people use the web for entertainment, uploading endless videos of cute cats, Facebook-ing, Tweeting etc. For others it’s used for grocery shopping, or building up a collection of Star wars characters. The amount of HTML code behind all these websites is immense and styling varies from site to site, making this one of the ways code influences all of us.

2. Databases
For most of us, we think of databases as those spreadsheets filled with the useless information we typed from a piece of paper in IT class at school. But databases are much more useful than that. The databases that programmers use store information that a computer can easily read, write or delete. Unknown to us, cinemas have databases of movies, and Facebook has a database with information about friends, our family members, embarrassing pictures, and much more.

3. Online Shopping
During the great Web innovation over the past two or three decades, we were also introduced to the facility and convenience of online shopping. With a vast number of sites and products, programmers are always finding new ways to improve our journeys and our experience. Whether we’re getting a small bunch of flowers delivered or a huge package, code plays a large part in this commodity. Amazon is now looking to deliver small packages with drones that can find you by the location you supply via your mobile.

4. Blogging
Coders have also facilitated the world of bloggers. Everyone has an opinion and a voice they want others to hear, and everyday there are more and more blogs popping up in the web. The blog themes and templates designed and coded by programmers is widely available, on sites like WordPress, Blogger and Medium.

5. Google
The search engine we all use has lots of programmers in the background, working together to make surfing the web easier than ever. As well as user experience analysts working closely with coders, more recently Google now filters all the sites and sees which ones are ready for mobile devices, which makes viewing easier for you. If that wasn’t enough, Google Maps has been helping every single one of us to find or locate whatever we want just with a click on our devices.