Man coding on laptop

Accelerate your Coding Skills the Jason Bourne way

Bourne is back this summer. Faster, more furious and as skilled as ever. Imagine if you had his level of skills and knowledge to code like a CIA assassin. To be a ‘Coding Pro’ – a highly sought-after commodity in the eyes of employers – complete with a CV to die for and a broad portfolio of coding skills.

Like Bourne, you never stop learning. You might be a seasoned veteran wanting to master new programming languages, or a developer with a few digital skills, looking to take your career to the next level. Whatever your aspirations, you can enhance your coding skills through an accredited course which will improve your employability.

How to learn to write code like a boss

To be at the edge of your game, it is essential to master a wide range of coding skills. The most desirable languages in the UK are Java, JavaScript and SQL, according to IT Jobs Watch. It reveals that Java alone was mentioned 14,431 times in job adverts during the last three months! The result? When faced with how to learn to write code like a boss, improving your competencies will only increase your chances of landing a top job.

Discover your Bourne Identity for code learning

The great thing about starting out in the big, wide world of coding is discovering your true identity for code learning. What kind of coder do you want to be? The good news is there are now hundreds of coding schemes across the UK – enabling you to up-skill and gain accreditation such as a Professional Development Award in Software Development.

From trainee web developer to confident coder

Developers can earn an average of £40,000 for permanent jobs and £425 per day on contract ( It’s a salary worth hunting down, eh? And it certainly pays off to invest in your coding skills. After all, Bourne didn’t become a skilled professional overnight. Trainee web developers can transform their basic skills from Johnny English standard to a fantastic agent in a matter of weeks.

Enrol on a coding course to boost your skills

You don’t need to have your physical and mental abilities boosted through ‘chems’ to stand out from the crowd. The simple approach is to enrol on a coding course so you can offer so much more to employers. After all, there is expected to be a massive demand for skilled coders in the UK over the next few years. In Scotland alone, there could be as much as 70,000 new IT jobs created within the digital tech sector by 2020 (ScotlandIS). This has already grown by a healthy 43% between 2010 and 2015.

So, will 2016 be your Coding Year to remember?