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Aiming for a tech start-up but lack technical skills?

Guess how many tech start-ups will be launched globally by the time you read this post? An amazing 16. Or, more impressively, 1.7 million a year.

If you plan to launch a tech start-up business, you’ll know that finding the right people with the right technical skills is far from like picking a school 5-a-side football team.

The talent has to be a unique blend of specialist skills, competencies and personalities to move the business from tentative steps to significant strides.

There are many options available when it comes to resourcing your start-up with right techie skills.

Sourcing graduates from a coding course

One route could be to source graduates from one of the many UK specialist coding courses. These courses vary in duration and specialism – for example accredited programmes, which will train and qualify graduates to a high and well-rounded level of coding proficiency in 16 weeks.

Professionals with the software skills to suit your business

Depending on your type of tech business, you may require several coders or developers, all with a wide range of software skills. These may include front-end coders, back-end programmers to webmasters or Ruby and Java developers, the list goes on.

Every year, hundreds of developers graduate with qualifications in coding – who then hone their skills to match the specific requirements of a tech start-up business.

Employ people who love to learn how to code

Whether you’re a public or private sector employer, specialising in building websites or developing software, you’ll want to source coders with the right technical skills. Trained coders come equipped with a broad range of skills.

These can include Web Programming; Object Orientation; Databases and Associations; Javascript (front-end and full stack), Web Frameworks (front and back end); and Mobile Applications. Above all, you can have confidence in recruiting people who love to learn how to code.

Sourcing developers from a Digital Skills Academy

Investing in the right number and specialism of coders is vital to enable your tech business to grow to its full potential and be successful. Why? Barclays research found that 47% of UK employers believed their firm would be more productive if the level of digital skills in employees was higher.

When sourcing coding candidates, a question to ask is whether they’re personable and enthusiastic? The attraction of employers recruiting someone from a digital skills academy is they may have already built successful careers in other industries.

The result? Alongside having a work ethic, they can bring other useful skills associated around tech – for example UX and digital marketing knowledge.   

From trainee web developer to seasoned professional

The great part of building up your tech team are the opportunities for them to continually train in an ever-broader range of skills as coding languages and your business needs become more diverse. And the end result? Trainee web developers can gradually transform themselves to experienced professionals.

A far cry from that school 5-a-side football team.


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