Breaking news: Magician reveals his tricks

It’s been a pretty mad few weeks here at CodeClan. After spending months preparing for our first ever course, Day 1 seemed to arrive in a flash. It crept up on us amongst the chaos of getting all our students signed up and settling into our new offices in CodeBase. Now it’s already week 2 of the course and the students are fully engrossed in their own little coding worlds.


One of the best things about our office is that it’s next door to the classroom. This means we get to share a bit of banter with the students when they break out, and it’s been great getting to know them so far. Amongst our 15 students we have a trained magician, an ex policeman, teacher and Hungarian radio DJ. We had a really good night out with them all on Thursday, a pretty messy pub crawl on Edinburgh’s Grassmarket. Who ever came up with the saying “a magician never reveals his secrets” had clearly never tried using a combination of beer and jaeger bombs. They are a smart bunch too – we won £30 (bar voucher) in the pub quiz.


Our Official Opening yesterday was manic but a great success, with Deputy First Minister John Swinney coming in to meet the students and deliver a speech. Peppers cafe nailed the catering, cheers to Owen and Lisa for sorting that out! Our employment partners came along too and they seemed ultra impressed with our students and keen to offer them all jobs when they finish the course. Our next big news will be the announcement of a Scholarship for Cohort 2, the deadline for that is getting closer and closer too! So overall it’s exciting times here at CodeClan. Not least the prospect of moving into our permanent offices, which are being gutted and prepared at this very moment. Wait till you see the finished article, photos will be up in the near future!