CodeClan student, Marie

Case Study: Marie

Previous role: Marketing and Customer Support, retail and the motor trade

Current role: UX Designer, User Vision

In my previous role we liaised and relied on a lot of different marketing software to communicate with our customers and I was really intrigued by what my colleagues in these companies could create and achieve.


“I felt that I could add more to my marketing role by being able to code.”

I felt that I could add more to my marketing role by being able to code.

I had tried out Codeacademy and a few other online coding schools and that established an interest in coding but other than that my practical experience of coding was limited.

I love that software development has a vast range of possibilities – you’re not limited to working in one industry alone and I look forward to that amount of diversity in my career. Being influential in making every day tasks easier is a massive bonus for me as well.

Good and practical communication is at the core of my aspirations and coding is very much part and parcel of the modern communications process.

Strong support network

CodeClan has an extremely strong support network for trainee developers. Leigh-Ann is Head of Student Well-Being and Placement and organises employer presentations every week, as well as a variety of networking opportunities.

We had direct access to employers in the industry and the chance to speak directly with them, which is fantastic.

The instructors are clear and concise in their teaching and constantly gave us real life examples of what’s expected in the workplace.

We had time to work on our CVs as well as interview preparation. Not only did we learn the skills we needed, we were also guided and helped every step of the way to our first jobs in this new industry.

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