Case Study: Q&A with Alistair

Thinking about retraining? Find out why Alistair decided to move from the oil and gas sector into coding!

Case Study: Alistair

Thinking about retraining? Read why Alistair decided to move from oil and gas to coding.

Previous role: sales in the oil and gas industry

Current role: Junior Web Developer at Escrivo

I worked as part of an international steel stockist (Van Leeuwen) that supplied High grade Steel for Subsea Projects for companies like GE, OneSubsea, L&N. My main role was selling supplying steel to Oil and Gas projects.


“I was drawn to industries that had an avenue for creativity.”

After a tough year of sales in 2015 our company decided to refocus resources down south to our head office. I decided to relocate to Edinburgh with my partner. I was interested in pursuing a career that was more in line with my interests of technology.

Drawn to coding

I always had a passive interest in technology and video games and had assumed a career in the software development required a computer science degree and a natural aptitude.

I was drawn to industries that had an avenue for creativity and though I enjoyed working in sales, I found the process of competing for contracts and business too samey.

I had hobbies that involved computers and by osmosis picked up a basic knowledge using and working with computers. I had dabbled in coding websites like Codeacademy but I could never say that I had practical working knowledge of how to write code.

I felt that I was still a million miles away from being able to create my own projects, or more importantly, working alongside other developers in a professional environment.

Getting in-depth

CodeClan not only taught me the basic principles of writing practical code, but also the tools and know how to work alongside others to create vastly more complicated projects. I enjoyed the intensive and supportive nature of the course.

The best kind of practice is to go out and make something.

You can read about the merits of code like Ruby, JavaScript and working with CSS but you don’t really start to learn and improve till you start writing your own code and making your own projects.

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