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Cathcart scholarship offers funding for low income applicants

Funding a career change is a huge challenge. Not only do you have to be able to afford the training, you also need to be able to support yourself whilst you’re not working and studying full time.

Through a new scholarship, specialist IT recruitment consultancy Cathcart Associates want to encourage those who are passionate about coding and eager to retrain for a career in software development, but have been held back because of the financial barrier, by covering the £5000 course fees.

Gordon Kaye, managing director of Cathcart Associates, said: “As an IT recruitment firm we fully understand the digital skills landscape in Scotland and we want to help support the next generation of programmers to learn the skills necessary to begin a career in digital technology.

“CodeClan is doing a brilliant job to retrain and supply the future workforce with essential digital skills and that’s why we wanted to offer this scholarship to a candidate who otherwise couldn’t afford the course. With more and more businesses looking for digital skills, we know how important it is for people to have the ability to retrain without the financial burden.”

Melinda Matthews-Clarkson, our CEO, said: “Anybody who decides to change career with CodeClan is passionate about their future and Cathcart Associates decision to help ease the financial barrier is one I applaud.”

This scholarship is for a funded place on our Edinburgh Cohort starting 25th June 2018 and finishing 12th October.

Find out more and apply before Thursday 12th April.


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