Celebrating Great Coders

Happy Mondays

Happy Easter Monday!! It’s a quiet day here at CodeClan with it being Easter weekend and Cohort 2 still recovering from their graduation party on Friday. And what a party they had…but didn’t they deserve it!

Let’s talk more about that…

At CodeClan we love how our students dedicate themselves to coding and we know how hard they work, so at the end of week 16 we like to throw a party to celebrate just how special they are!

Here are some snapshots of those happy moments from both Cohort 1 and 2.

Picture below: Cohort 1 and Tony our instructor loving the props! 


Picture below: Cohort 1 posing AGAIN! eh…the camera’s this way guys! 


Picture below: Harvey handing out certificates. 


Picture below: Cohort 2 posing for their group photo.


Love is in the air

Here are a few reasons why we think our students deserve to be celebrated…

  • We love their passion to learn! Approximately 80% of students are career changers and have no background in tech.
  • Their determination blows us away! On average our students will learn & study for 50 hours a week! That’s 800 hours over 16 weeks!
  • They love a good scrum. By the end of the course students will have taken part in 1200 hours worth of scrum time.
  • They learn quickly and it pays off! By week 16 each student will have created a back-end application, a front-end application, a native mobile app and a unique project using any of the technologies they have learnt.
  • They are multi-lingual. They speak Ruby; Java; SQL; and Javascript!
  • Their code is not to be sniffed at. They have respect for code and have the tools to ensure that their coding is clean and readable.
  • They always find time. We admire how often they have attended industry and employer events, while completing 50 hours of course time per week. They know how important it is to be active in the tech community & build relationships.
  • They support each other. From course-work to interview tips our students and alumni offer each other so much support it brings a tear to the eye!

Good luck coders!

So as our Cohort 2 students embark on a new chapter of their career, we wish them all the best over the coming weeks as interviews begin with the CodeClan employer network. In case you missed this, Graeme for cohort 2 has written an excellent blog on how to prepare for interviews and what to expect. Go check it out!

Finally, a huge congratulations to our students for making it to the end of the course. We have loved getting to know Cohort 2 who are such an amazing bunch of people.

We’ll leave you now with some wise words from Jay who was Cohort 2’s instructor…

“Of all the things you’ve learned, one thing I’m sure you’ve found is that programming can be hard and challenging. Often this brings out the worst in people; getting frustrated with each other, becoming defensive and feeling defeated. However, another approach and the way you have behaved on the course, is that we can help each other, empathise and collaborate. This has made it a pleasure to have been on this journey with you over the last 16 weeks.

While programming is a great skill and an interesting pursuit in itself. For me, it becomes really exciting when you have people with other passions using it to make things they care about. Here we have 20 people with different backgrounds, life experiences and personalities applying the skills they have learned to make interesting applications with real world use cases. Please continue to make your own stuff!  I believe it’s people like you, taking a collaborative approach who will make a real change to the Scottish tech industry.” Jay Chetty (CodeClan Instructor)

Happy Easter weekend folks and good luck Cohort 2!