Change your story, not just your Career

If you’ve spent too much time in jobs with little chance of progression, take some inspiration from CodeClan Instructor and Cohort 7 graduate Alex, who used the CodeClan experience to change his story.

When embarking on CodeClan’s 16-week software development course, all our students have their photo taken and provide a short written personal introduction. This is then used to create a document that includes all the students in your cohort, so everyone at CodeClan knows who you are and a little bit about you. It’s a great thing to have but it can be a bit intimidating – a lot of people have impressive backgrounds and come from successful careers in other industries. This make sense – CodeClan attracts career-changers. But what about those of us who never quite found A Career, who are perhaps…career-starters?

Is there a place for us?

The answer is emphatically – Yes! I used the word ‘us’ deliberately. I was a CodeClan student, and in completing the course and becoming an instructor, I was starting a career. It’s true that in the past I’d built a career as a games tester at Rockstar (google “crunch time”…). But this was becoming a distant memory, replaced by a period of time when I was just paying the bills.

In other words, for a while, I really had no idea what I was going to do. And then I found CodeClan.

CodeClan therefore can be the start of a new career. But for a lot of people, both starters and changers it represents something more. Looking back at the 16-week course it’s not uncommon that someone will share that undertaking the course was the best career decision they ever made. Studying at CodeClan can be something bigger – the beginning of a journey, the finding of a mission, the discovery of a new passion.

Finding the common thread

When I trace through my past looking for a common thread, a couple of things stand out.

One is that I was always interested in tech, the second is that I’ve always enjoyed helping people. I’ve had some tough times working away in call-centres and the constant pressure of average call time targets.

But I loved helping people fix their problems. And this is a good part of what it is to be a CodeClan instructor – helping people to solve problems through coding. I found meaning and a new career by combining my passions.

Fighting for your success

With all these smart people and success stories it can be easy to wonder if you can keep up, if the course will just be too hard and you’ll be left behind. But CodeClan is a different kind of educational experience. Yes it’s tough and intense, and you’ll start to dream in code! But you have so many people fighting for your success, the instructors, your cohort, the whole team at CodeClan.

We don’t assume you can already code. We care much more about your desire to learn. It’s a conscious decision to come here. You own it, it’s not something you fall into. And that’s a powerful thing – taking ownership of your own future.

So if you’re looking for a mission, a new career, or even just want to find out more, it would be awesome to see you at CodeClan and help you along the way.

Want to explore your career changing options in the tech industry? Join us at an info session and you’ll get to meet instructors and find out about digital training at CodeClan.


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