CodeClan aims to get diverse talent into the ecosystem faster


Here at CodeClan, we are focused on getting diverse talent into the ecosystem faster. Which is why we are delighted to announce the initial findings and recommendations from our joint project with The Young Women’s Movements – Young Women Code.  The full report can be found here.

Did you know that only 23% of the digital workforce are women? Currently at CodeClan only 27% of our students are women. 

Through this project, these findings and recommendations, we hope to make CodeClan more inclusive and accessible to young women and those of marginalised genders and by March 2024 we aim to have a minimum of 30% of women on our courses.  

“The Young Women’s Movement are delighted to launch the findings and key recommendations of Young Women Code, a partnership project with CodeClan. We hope that these recommendations can help other organisations, in and out of the tech industry, to prioritise promoting an inclusive workplace culture for young women. 

Diversity and a skilled workforce go hand in hand: we cannot address one without the other. Closing the digital skills gap is dependent on empowering women and girls of all backgrounds to enter into, and progress in, digital technology careers.”

  • Jenni Snell, CEO The Young Women’s Movement

However, we will go further than this and we have used this report as a catalyst for re-evaluating and extending our diversity and inclusion strategy across all areas. 

How we plan on extending our diversity

By creating an inclusive tech ecosystem system that celebrates diversity together we can help bridge the digital skills gap and create a thriving economy for everyone. 

When it comes to working at CodeClan at present with our office staff we have a split of 39% men and 61% women, when it comes to our teaching staff there is 78% men and 22% women with the majority of women being support staff. This figure is definitely something which we want to improve on here at CodeClan.

The Young Women’s Movement’s research stated “Students and staff alike value and want more diverse representation at CodeClan, including students wanting to be taught by more women.” CodeClan is headed by a female CEO with the rest of the exec team being female, which is a huge positive as it’s very common to see all or majority men in exec teams, especially a CEO role. Due to this at CodeClan we are wanting to have more women in these senior roles especially when it comes to our teaching staff. 

Reflecting on the findings and recommendations which The Young Women’s Movement presented within their report. At CodeClan we want to be perceived as a diverse and inclusive organisation, where all of our staff and students feel they are represented as well as accepted for who they are. So at CodeClan we will be taking on board these recommendations and making the appropriate changes to make CodeClan an even more diverse organisation. 


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