CodeClan and Psychology Scotland new partnership

New Partnership CodeClan and Psychology Scotland

Edinburgh, July 8, 2022. CodeClan, Scotland’s national digital skills academy and Psychology Scotland, a Glasgowegian mental health and therapy centre, have recently partnered to provide life skills in managing transitions, imposter syndrome, positive networking skills and how to embrace mental health tools.  

Founded in 2021, Psychology Scotland works with individuals in therapy and organisations to provide mental health support and education from their growing team of highly trained and experienced psychologists.

The new partnership will prove beneficial for all students as making the decision to change careers can come with its challenges, as can engaging in a new learning environment. The webinars and supporting documentation that Psychology Scotland provides look at how topics such as imposter syndrome is something that everyone faces, how to recognise it and how practises can limit the impact.  In turn, creating a more positive mental state. 

‘Change is always hard, add new vocabulary, complex concepts, new peers and a new job – it all can feel overwhelming, so at CodeClan we want to support the person, not just their time at CodeClan, and by teaming with Psychology Scotland to provide lifelong skills in positive mental health is imperative to our mission for Scotland’. Melinda Matthews-Clarkson, CodeClan’s CEO, explains. ‘Just focusing on the skill of programming or data analytics is short sighted and it is what most of our competition does, we want to provide our clients with the skills but also on how to be a strong person in a new industry.   Working in tech requires a healthy routine that works for the individual, a foundation of self-care, the ability to focus and maintain good energy levels.’

Starting in July 2022, Psychology Scotland will be providing workshops, talks, webinars and additional support information that all students can access during their studies. ‘These different aspects are all related to wellbeing and positive self image, which are foundational to learning. Offering students information, advice and support regarding well being is part of our strategy to support them on this journey and to also hopefully bring ease and joy to their learning process.’ Morag Macdonald added, Head of Student Services at CodeClan. 

Fraser Smith, founder of Psychology Scotland said: ‘We are very excited to be working with CodeClan and their students. Psychology Scotland is all about helping people with their mental and emotional wellbeing. Having a partnership with CodeClan means we can provide an extra layer of support for all students as they embark on their studies.’ 

Melinda saw Fraser Smith present at TEDx in Glasgow. Fraser’s talk was about Men’s Mental health and the challenges men face in Scotland. ‘Knowing that 70% of the CodeClan students are men and in the age bracket of the most challenged, I decided to build a partnership.  It started small, we would host talks and blogs but now it is a full partnership and embracing mental health as part of the process for a successful new journey in life is part of CodeClan’s playbook.’     


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