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Student stories: Meet Natasha, Glasgow Cohort 2

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A student in our second Glasgow cohort, Natasha tells us why she decided to sign-up for our 16-week intensive course.

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After leaving school I worked as an engineer for a year and then went to university where I got a degree in Physics and Astronomy. My most recent work was answering emergency calls for the police as a safety advisor.

All the jobs I’ve been interested in have asked for Java, JavaScript, Python, any sort of programming language and because of that I thought maybe I should have a look at it [coding].

I’d looked about doing a masters degree – there’s a couple of them in other universities in Glasgow where I’m from, but none of them said “Yes. You can walk out of here and programme.”

Why did you choose CodeClan?

I came along for the information sessions and thought “Actually, do you know what, this is sounding a lot more interesting”.

I came along for the taster session on a Saturday and did my first little bit of coding and was like “Oh my God, this is it. I want to do this.”

Where are you in the 16-week course?

We are on week seven. We’re currently in our second week of Java, this is our second language.

The first week of Java was a bit overwhelming, but nowhere near as much as the first week of Ruby.

That’s mainly because we use the same principles as Ruby but you’re learning the new syntax of it, so you’re learning how that language speaks to the computer.

It’s a little mind boggling, but nowhere as it would’ve been if we’d just jumped straight into Java instead of Ruby.

Have you started thinking about jobs?

I’m open to the idea of several different types of jobs.

I’ve actually found that I quite like doing testing.

One that keeps jumping out at me is actually games design, because they’re looking for people that can code that have a background in physics and engineering, which I do.

I would rather have someone that’s going to help me develop this further, it doesn’t matter what the job is – as long as I continue learning how to code, I’ll be quite happy.

What’s your advice to someone considering CodeClan?

100% come to the information sessions. You’re not going to learn what we actually do here unless you come in and have a look.

The best people to speak to are of course the tutors who are there at the information sessions.

Actually even see if you can speak to either a previous student or a current student. If anyone came and asked me I would happily tell them all about it, how great it is, how stressful it is, how upsetting it is but at the end of the day how wonderful it is.

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