The Coding Academy Revolution

Back in February 2012 an outfit called Dev Bootcamp – quietly opened its doors in Chicago. A privately-funded business, it offered intensive 19-week courses in software development to people interested in learning how to become professional software coders.

From that modest beginning, an industry has mushroomed around the world that today encompasses over 100 dedicated coding schools and academies. Or bootcamps, to give them the original American term, intended to convey the essence of hard work, relentless focus and big personal challenges that combine to make up the coding academy student experience.

Over 50,000 people have now ‘graduated’ from these establishments, the majority ending up with well-paid jobs in talent-hungry digital businesses. And the pace of this revolution in technical training processes continues to accelerate. Two years ago there were just two coding academies in London – Makers Academy and the US-owned General Assembly. Now there are eight, and more are expected to open their doors.

Why are these bootcamps so popular? After all their courses are not cheap – costs range from £8,000 to £18,000. They are unregulated and very few (except CodeClan!) offer formal qualifications that will be supported by Independent Standards Authorities for quality of content and teaching.

The simple answer is that they provide an accelerated pathway into new jobs, careers and futures for ambitious, competent people.

And that is just what CodeClan will deliver.