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800 hours of coding: A life changing decision

A recent graduate from our 16-week course, Cohort 7’s Pavlos looks back on his journey with CodeClan.

Graduated from CodeClan, Castle Terrace, Edinburgh – 26th January 2017.

Now I can assess this mad trip into the world of code.

What do 800 hours of computer programming do to the mind, spirit, and body? Do you learn to write code? Are you fluent in the language of the machine?

I would say it makes you frustrated, doubtful, joyful and full of wonder: then, yes and yes.

The advancements in software technology have made sure that we are no longer talking about 1 to 0, binary-machine-coding primarily. Although binary is still part of it, languages like Ruby can almost be spoken since they are so similar to human language.

These languages interpret the machine, giving you, the coder, the chance to be more elegant with your coding; to be human, and…it’s fun.

I had read that you could be creative with code, so I joined CodeClan about six months ago for a journey through a modern digital-kaleidoscope.

Pavlov working on laptop

To use code is to distinguish patterns and make decisions fast. To use areas of the brain that are normally dormant. This is my personal view; ask a Computer Science graduate and they might say something more scientific; perhaps something about algorithms.

Although we touched upon algorithms and the science behind computers, we at CodeClan learned how to write software. The course was completely practical and project-based.

After our lectures on a language were over we had project week. We were given a brief with a one-week deadline. I knew I had to meet the brief. The most important thing to me was having something functional and complete at the end, even if it would be simple. Project week was about the learning, about building something.

You will hear people on the word-wise-web say that learning to code is easy. They were obviously born with a microchip! It’s certainly not easy, it’s hour based, completely dependent on how much work you put down and how much you train your brain to think in code.

You have to enjoy the challenge of solving problems, of getting there in the end, of not giving up, of being resilient, never letting the computer win.

It gets obsessive and addictive; a battle of wills, you against the machine! You know that it can process data faster, but you’re the one who can think outside of the box.

CodeClan on Castle Terrace

As well as giving you marketable skills, learning to code at CodeClan offers you the chance to challenge yourself and become a more organised human being. For me it has made my mind sharper, more concentrated and organised; this effect is non-measurable, it influences all parts of life, and I am eternally grateful for it.

800 hours of software development at CodeClan will change you. Every cadet from CodeClan is Neo, searching the digital world for meaning.

Gracious thanks to everyone at CodeClan; the instructors, the staff who took care of us. It has been a privilege to be part of Scotland’s first digital skills academy, at the foot of the castle: glorious.

Thanks to all my pals that went through the arduous journey with me; no more homework guys!

Thanks to Pavlos for allowing us to reproduce his original LinkedIn article.

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