Coding skills will help your CV rise to the top of the pile

Understanding a programming language such as Ruby and acquiring mobile development skills will increase your employability, according to LinkedIn’s Global Top Skills of 2016 list.

Noting that they see an increase in job applications during October, the social networking site went on to list the skills that matter most to employers in different countries.

Four of the skills most wanted by UK employers can be gained by students of our intensive 16-week coding course:

  • Web Development Framework
  • OO Programming sing Ruby (we also run additional Python evening classes)
  • Mobile Development
  • Data Presentation

LinkedIn top skills 2016


“Ruby is the perfect programming language for beginners – [it] looks a lot like ‘normal English’ so is a lot less intimidating,” says CodeClan Instructor, Beth Fraser. “It’s also more flexible with how it’s written and has a lot of built in helpful functionality that other languages might not have.”

The course also includes mobile development projects and students are required to present data in a number of ways during their time here.

coding presentation

“We’ve known for a long time that our courses give students an advantage when it comes to finding a job in digital,” says Sara Dodd, CodeClan’s Head of Curriculum and Accreditation.

“Our courses are designed in collaboration with employers, so we’re continually adapting to what they’re looking for.”

Find out more about our 16-week intensive course today, or come along to one of our info sessions in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Not sure about the full 16-week course? Try our shorter evening classes in Edinburgh.