Data Science in every sector

Data science in every sector

Data analysis is being used in eeeevery industry at the moment!

Whatever industry you’re interested in, they probably need a data analyst, from sports to pharmaceuticals, any start up, video games industry, in marketing, finance, etc. Data science can help businesses to reveal trends and information that can be used to make better decisions and create more innovative products and services.

Here’s some industries that are being transformed by data science: 

How different industries use data science 


Data science in cybersecurity can be very helpful to identify potential threats and act accordingly. This identification is made from system data and network resources. Patterns are searched for and an alert is issued when abnormalities are found.


For the detection of payment fraud. Systems can cross-reference data from various customer sources and predict or detect fraudulent scenarios.


Data Science and sports are a match made in heaven! Data scientists can use their skills to collect on field and off field data from a variety of sources and then analyse and interpret the data for meaningful insights. On-field data can include player performance, health for example. Off-field data can include fan behaviour or the audience purchasing habits.


The insurance industry can also benefit from data science! Using sensors you can analyse a driver’s habits, and the insurance company can calculate a customer’s accident risks and offer a personalised quote.


The diagnosis of patients through medical imaging is one of the more popular applications of data science. Computers are learning to more accurately interpret MRI’s, X-Rays, CAT scans, and many other types of images, sometimes even better than their human peers!


Data science is able to use social networks as sources in real-time. In this way, it’s possible to predict the demand for a product or to create demand from offers segmenting the audiences by their preferences and backgrounds. 

Why data science is of interest to you

Data literacy is expected to be the most in-demand skill by 2030. The ability to read, work and analyse data (data literacy) is only getting more and more important. Whether or not you’re a data analyst or data scientist, you’re definitely going to need data skills in a variety of careers and industries.

Can I get a data science job without a degree?

In short, yes. But you’re going to need to know how to code. 

You can consider intensive coding courses instead of university. CodeClan’s full-time data analysis (14-weeks) course is designed to fast-track you into the world of work. Ideal for career changers who would like to get into the industry ASAP!

It’s a great time to get into data…

From demand, to salary and career flexibility, there are many reasons why it’s a great time to change career or upskill into data. CodeClan’s Professional Data Analysis course will cover all of the skills discussed above. Need something more bitesized? Why not join one of our FREE Coding for Data workshops.


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