Jonathan Meddes from Deloitte Digital

Working with CodeClan: Deloitte Digital

Jonathan Meddes, Director at Deloitte Digital, explains why CodeClan students are a vital part of the company’s recruitment strategy.

Deloitte Digital has 27 studios around the world and two in the UK – we have one in London and one in Belfast and about 500 people that work for us.

When we were looking for our new digital studio in the UK we picked Edinburgh.

Part of the reason was not only access to great clients, a really innovative tech scene, but also access to great talent.

CodeClan gives us access to a really passionate set of people that really want to learn code, that really want a new career through retraining in a different sector.

That passion is something we get from our CodeClan graduates.

We’ve run masterclasses on things like Dev Ops, which I thought would be quite technical for the guys, but they loved it. That sort of exposure and being able to give something back is really important to us.

It also gets us to know the students more and we build that relationship through the 16-week course, rather than just something at the end through the interview process, so getting to know the students at the start is really important to us.

It’s clear that CodeClan is making a really important and valuable contribution to the Edinburgh talent market. Without organisations like CodeClan we have to resort just to experienced hires, so bringing access to different groups of talent is really great for employers.

So if you’re not an employer at the moment I think it’s worth having a conversation with CodeClan and seeing what you can do together with them.

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