Digital Pay keeps going up

As with any fast-growing industry, rumours abound on how much people can earn working in digital jobs. One common statement is that someone starting on a £23k salary as a junior developer can expect to double their income within five years, assuming good performance. So what’s the truth about how much you can expect to earn working for one of Scotland’s digital employers? Such information is usually provided by the regular salary surveys carried out by one of the main tech recruiters – such as Hays, Harvey Nash or Experis. And we at CodeClan keep our eyes on this information too as it directly affects our students and their post-course prospects. Here’s a sample of average salaries currently being paid for specific jobs in Scotland:

  • Junior web developer with Java expertise – £23k-25k
  • Computing science graduate with 1st – £25k-£30k
  • Front end web developer with HTML/CSS/XML expertise – £28k-30k
  • Java developer – £33k-35k
  • Analyst programmer in C/C++ – £34k-37k
  • Senior developer – £40k-45k
  • Software architect  – £50k-55k

These figures are necessarily averages, but higher salaries have been seen at companies with particularly aggressive growth and hiring programmes, mostly in the Central belt between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Across the UK developer salaries have been rising at 10% a year, with Java, Ruby, Python and PHP expertise particularly in demand. It’s a trend unlikely to run out of steam soon.