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Discover a passion for coding with Intro to Programming evening classes

Struggling to find time to learn on her own, Claire signed-up to our 10-week Intro to Programming evening class and discovered a new passion for coding.

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My name’s Claire and I’m currently doing the Intro to Programming course at CodeClan.

I’ve been dabbling with coding for a long time, ever since I was around 14 or 15-years-old, back when you phoned up the internet to access the web.

But it never really amounted to anything because I was always trying to self-learn and self-teach myself. The course appealed to me because it’s part-time, it’s in the evening and it’s structured.

I come along every week, I get given a set amount of work to do, I can then go home, I can focus on what I’ve been learning that week, try and practice and it works around my lifestyle. I’m working full time during the day, so the evening class is a really good fit for me.

So far, even with the first 6 or 7 weeks, I’ve learned of different ways to use code that will help me in my day-to-day job. That’s really helpful, because it’ll save me a lot of time and energy and I can really see the benefits, even just a rudimentary or basic understanding of programming makes a big difference.

If people are thinking about taking the Intro course I’d recommend they get stuck in. It moves quickly, but if you practice and you’re interested in coding then you’ll come away at the end of the 10 weeks with a really good, fundamental understanding of what programming is and you’ll be able to build cool stuff, be able to manipulate code, build apps, work within your computer to do all sorts of cool things.

If you feel a bit stagnant in what you’re doing at the moment, it really helps to refresh you and think about what you can do with all these new skills you’ve learned, especially from a professional perspective as well as a personal interest in programming and code.

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