Brian Ferrie at Edge Testing Solutions

Working with CodeClan: Edge Testing Solutions

At CodeClan, we work with employers to place our students in exciting roles around Scotland. Here, Edge Testing Solution’s CEO, Brian Ferrie, explains why he’s working with us to train the next generation of developers.

Edge are very bought into training new individuals in IT.

We have our own Academy which has been running three years and we’re very bought into immersive training. What CodeClan offers is an alternative solution to our normal recruitment means.

It fast tracks individuals to allow us to bring them into our Edge Academy and we’re looking for not just good people but great people. CodeClan helps us achieve that.

An additional benefit we get from some of the CodeClan people is that they have work experience as well. This is vital in our industry, when a lot of the work we do relies not on just technical ability but on interpersonal skills, so those coming to us with work experience is a great asset to the company.

What I’d say to anyone who’s thinking about speaking to CodeClan is give it a go, I’m sure you’ll be surprised.

The immersive training is fantastic, it’s a great way to bring people into the industry and it really has benefited our organisation.

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