Find your place in tech

Find your place in tech

Product Manager

Product Managers are the swiss army knives of tech companies. This role sits at the centre of business, technology, and user experience, giving a tonne of variety and excitement to the job.

Skills: interacts well with different groups, analytical, empathy.

Average salary: £45,000.*

Project Manager

Project Managers look after the “when” and “how much” in a lot of business. They’ll work closely with technical delivery teams to understand, track and report on key milestones and activity.

Skills: problem solving, communication.

Average salary: £45,000.*

Customer Success Manager

Customer success managers spend their time reviewing customer experience data, facilitating training and creating strategies to improve the customer experience. Their main focus is to create long-standing positive experiences for a tech company’s user base

Skills: communication, empathy, analytical.

Average salary: £33,000.*

Technical Sales

Selling software products can be extremely difficult, as you have to sell to people with a wide variety of technical abilities. A Technical Sales person will assist in demystifying the process for potential clients, and give them all of the nerdy details they need in order to make the right choice.

Skills: sales, negotiation, commercial awareness.

Average salary: £49,000.*

Tech Support

Almost every tech company needs good tech support for their customers. This role is focused on bringing customers a fast and enjoyable resolution to any issues they might be having.

Skills: empathy, computer skills, customer support.

Average salary: £30,000.*

Technical Writer

There are so many documentation needs in a tech company. Technical writers help with this by creating user guides, product specifications, release notes and more.

Skills: writing, communication.

Average salary: £35,000.*

UX Designer

UX/UI designers spend their time creating great customer experiences. They create mocks and user flows, and work with the developers to help bring those to life.

Skills: research, prototyping tools, design, HTML/CSS.

Average salary: £36,000.*

Business Analyst

As a business analyst at a tech company, you’ll be responsible for delving into the needs of existing and potential clients, and helping to pair together the right solution to the problem.

Skills: problem solving, communication, analytica

Average salary: £37,000.*

Scrum Master

A scrum master is someone who ensures that development teams live the values and principles of the Agile Methodology. They’ll spend their days facilitating meetings, creating a productive environment and removing any obstacles in the team’s way.

Skills: agile, conflict resolution, coaching

Average salary: £50,000.*

Technical Account Manager

Tech businesses still need someone to handle the human element of client relations. As a technical account manager, you’ll be instrumental in meeting customers needs and providing the go-to human contact for the business.

Skills: understanding of technology, great communicator, thrives under pressure

Average salary: £39,000.*

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* All salary data collected on 4th August 2021 from Salaries shown are rounded to the nearest thousand.

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