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Fiona and Adam talk UX, human choices and bad websites

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Thinking about skilling up into UX Design? We spoke to CodeClan students Fiona and Adam about their experience on our UX Fundamentals course, their new insights, and what they plan to do with their new skills.

What’s your background and current job role?

Fiona: “I went to Abertay University to do graphic design then looked for a job for about a year and a half and finally got a job in Dunfermline so that was my first design job, and I’ve been there for a year and a half.”

Adam: “My background’s been a bit all over the place. I’ve worked proper jobs in education, local authority and sports development and then left that to find a start-up.

“It happened to be in the tech area, I had no idea what I was doing, and then from that the people that would be coming round started saying ‘Oh Adam you’re quite a good designer’ and I didn’t even know I was designing.

“I spent five years learning that, which then took me into doing international youth development around social entrepreneurship.

“What’s driven me into the UX course now is I’ve been doing more product web development and working with digital democracy, so I want to up-skill myself in that area to start guiding teams.”

What is it about UX design that you’re interested in and what drew you into the course?

Adam: “For me, I’ve always had this fascination that a lot of our world has been built through human choices. So what we see is a manifestation of multiple human opinions over a large space of time, so I really wanted to be involved in that process more.

“The agency that you can give people by saying, ‘Do you realise that this world is just a load of opinions, do you want to shape the world with yours?’ UX for me is that process of being engaged in that debate and with the move into what digital communication is to be involved in that new community that we’re building in this virtual space. And to be an architect or designer of that is quite exciting.”

Fiona: “When I’ve been designing websites, I know how to make them look good, but I need to know how they work and whats good about them. Obviously they can’t just look good they need to work.”

What plans do you have regarding UX design after the 3 days course? Do you have any interest in longer tech courses?

Fiona: “I would definitely like to and would be interested. I think that I’ll probably have learnt a lot after the three days and if anything it’s just going to make me want to learn more!

“I want to go back [to work] and do a short presentation to try and get everybody on the same board, because I don’t think there’s a lot of knowledge about it where I am.

“So just try to share it and bring the team together.”

Adam: “I’ve previously applied and been interviewed for the 16 week course (at CodeClan) and was successful in that but it didn’t work out in terms of what I had on at the time to take the 16 weeks out.

“So then I chatted with Steph (CodeClan’s Student Recruitment Manager) for quite a while and was just like ‘Steph I think I’m more interested in the UX side of things’ and she told me that CodeClan had things coming up.

“So that was my journey through CodeClan. For the future, the immediate thing I’m going to do is edit multiple websites that I’ve made.”

Fiona: “I’m going to go back [to work] and point out to everybody that their website is rubbish!”

Adam: “Yesterday there was just a long to-do list of things that I had put in websites where now I will be like ‘That will need to come out, that will need to come out’.

“I would definitely be interested in doing more at maybe an advanced stage. But particularly the UX side of working in a large organisational setting excites me.”

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