Five organisations using data for good

Data for good

From climate and transport to marketing and finance, data is everywhere! 

From the huge amounts of data that we produce daily (roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes) we can get valuable insights that can improve the efficiency and competitiveness of any business. 

But data can also be key to addressing some of the main social and environmental challenges we’re facing such as climate change. 

Here are five organisations who are using data for good:


The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) conducts research into global change issues that affect our sustainability. With their AmazonFACE project they’re bringing together AI expertise and IIASA’s scientific systems analysis to see the impact of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest with new eyes.

DSSGx – The UK programme (2020)

This 12-week programme teaches students to create data science products in collaboration with government agencies, and NGOs, to create positive social impact.


Aerofarms turns millions of data points into healthy crops. The company is dedicated to sustainable agriculture, using data-driven innovations. They use data to take indoor vertical farming to a new level of precision and productivity, with algorithms assisting in just-in-time growing all year long

TfL (Transport for London)

Sharing data can catalyse innovation and improve services. Transport for London (TfL) has made information on London’s transport network available to the public, paving the way for the development of apps like Citymapper, which helps people get about the city safely and expediently. 

But it’s important that when information on national infrastructure is shared, this happens with the appropriate security and privacy arrangements.


As the NHS continues to deal with the pandemic, there is also huge pressure to find better, and more efficient, ways to deliver care and reduce backlogs, and to target health services and prevention activities at the groups who are most in need. Tackling these challenges will require the NHS to make use of all the tools at its disposal.

Data and data-driven innovation could be a part of the solution. A number of strategies, such as the data strategy for health and social care and the national AI strategy for health and adult social care, seek to deliver the platform for such an approach. 

As you can see there are many ways in which you can use data for good, but there aren’t enough people with the right skills to do it- a recent report by Burning Glass Technologies revealed that demand for data scientists and data engineers tripled over the past five years in the UK, rising 231%.


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