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The types of tech being used varies hugely, though artificial intelligence, online cloud-based platforms, and smart tech are being used to great effect in all areas.

In this blog post we explore six UK companies that are using technology to make a positive impact in our society, from creating apps for food banks to redefining the volunteering experience. 

These innovative tech for good companies cover six main areas: job security, material living standards, health and longevity, education, environmental sustainability, and equal opportunity. 


Goodsted is making a positive impact through redefining the volunteering experience. It has developed a digital technology platform, connecting those leading socially and environmentally-impactful initiatives with collaborators and volunteers looking to share skills and resources. 


London-based fintech company Beam operates a crowdfunding site, designed to raise money to help homeless people gain employment and find accommodation. 

Registered partners and public sector organisations will refer an individual to Beam, to build a bespoke employment plan, before launching an online crowdfunding campaign on Beam’s website. Beam then provides ongoing support, throughout training and the start of their new job. 


Tech startup Bankuet is a social impact company that develops a mobile app for food banks. The technology allows food banks to request exactly what they need, reducing waste and making it simple to donate. By pooling donations together to buy more for less, the company is able to deliver over £1’s worth of food for every £1 donated. The pandemic served to speed up the pace of Bankuet’s work, as the scale of food poverty in the UK increased and more donations were made. 


Nodanni, partners with governments and international organisations to provide solutions for the most vulnerable people in society. Its flagship product is Vactraca, a wearable vaccine necklace, designed for mothers. The pendant tracks infants’ routine immunisations information, from birth to completion, to reduce infant and child mortality. 

Nodanni was founded by Victoria Ndoh, who worked in the international aid sector for over 15 years before starting the company.


Cleantech startup Greengame develops technology which tracks how users impact the environment.

Greengame’s app tracks modes of transport, email activity, and social media, and can be connected to external apps to build a full picture of users’ environmental impact. Positive behaviours are then rewarded through gamified competitions and incentives. 

Scottish Tech Army

The Scottish Tech Army works with a largely volunteer team (which often includes CodeClan graduates) to deliver scalable and impactful solutions. 

The Scottish Tech Army helps the Scottish Government, Local Authorities, and other organisations across the country with rapid technical development projects to address current Covid-19 related challenges, and post pandemic economic recovery.

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