Sky working at Make It Social

Graduate Story: Sky

After graduating from CodeClan in March 2016 Sky went on to work for one of our Employer Partners, Make it Social and he now works there as a Developer. Shortly after he graduated we met up with him in their office in Edinburgh’s CodeBase to see how he’s enjoying life after CodeClan.

How are you finding the transition from being a CodeClan student to working?

It’s been pretty seamless. I started quite soon after leaving CodeClan, so all the things I learned were fresh in my head. The first day was a bit wild, taking in a lot of new information, and Make it Social’s code base but I was really given the time to work with the code and make greater and greater contributions.


“We’re a small development team of three at Make it Social, which means each of us takes on quite a lot of responsibility.”

Have there been any surprises?

Just that I’d be writing code from day 1. My co-worker Mike is a self-taught coder and our senior developer Ted studied linguistics and English in China, so we all come from very different backgrounds. However, they’ve done a great job putting together a code base at Make it Social, and showing me how to use it.

Do you feel your time at CodeClan prepared you well?

Yes. My time at CodeClan really gave me the confidence and skills to apply for and work at Make it Social.

I feel very lucky having gotten a job straight out of CodeClan. But I also realise that it’s because I’ve worked hard and I’ve gotten amazing support at CodeClan as well as from my classmates.

What have you learned since joining Make it Social and how challenging has it been?

We’re a small development team of three at Make it Social, which means each of us takes on quite a lot of responsibility. But then we get to clearly see our contributions and what we’re making. We’re also really well supported by a great team of designers and client managers. I’m mainly working on the front end of our projects and the biggest thing I’m learning is building responsive websites that have gone live and need support on all different devices and browsers.

Does having a coding job meet your expectations?

It’s hard to imagine what developing is like until you’re actually doing it, but the great thing is that on my journey through CodeClan, and now Make it Social, there’s always been continuous learning and support from the people around me. And at Make it Social we’ve got some great, big and upcoming projects that are exciting to work on.

Is there any specific CodeClan moment that stands out?

For our final project, we were really given the chance to explore something that we were interested in. And I think what I looked into really allowed me to stand out a bit when I interviewed at Make it Social. I was looking at Flux and one directional data flow, which is something we’re using quite a lot at Make it Social.

Was it a good decision to learn at CodeClan?

Yeah, I think it’s been a really good decision to go to CodeClan. It was really fun at CodeClan and if coding is something you want to do, you should really go for it.

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