Grame Jarvie

Meet our team: Graeme Jarvie, Employer Engagement Manager

Graeme joined us in April 2017 and will promote and grow CodeClan’s employer community across Scotland.

We caught up with him to find out more about his previous roles and why he’s excited about the Scottish tech scene

Where were you before joining CodeClan?

I spent seven years working in IT recruitment, managing teams at Reed Technology, then most recently as a consultant with Meraki Talent, an Edinburgh start-up agency.

My time working in the industry has given me an insight into the tech skills gap and the impact it has on companies.

What are some of the recruitment issues you see facing Scottish companies?

Grame Jarvie at a business breakfast

Graeme Jarvie at a CodeClan business breakfast

As a recruiter, especially when looking for software developers, you generally take someone out of one company and place them in another. While this solves an issue for the hiring manager, more often than not it’s just moving that problem to another manager in a different company.

It’s like trying to press down bumps under a carpet – they just pop up somewhere else and you never manage to get rid of them completely.

People are always going to move jobs, whether it’s for progression, more money, a change of scenery, relocation, whatever.

However the issue in Scotland (and most countries) at the moment is not natural staff turnover, it’s something much more fundamental.

How can CodeClan help address the problem?

We’ve all seen the statistics about the skills gap, the number of unfilled vacancies and the shortfall of people entering the market each year.

While CodeClan is not the only way these issues are going to be resolved, I believe it can have a significant, positive impact on them.

To go back to the decorating analogy, I see CodeClan as a way of helping make sure the carpet is laid properly to begin with and I’m looking forward to playing a small role in that.

You’ve only been here a few weeks, but what are you focusing on right now?

The team here, including my predecessor, Rab Campbell, have done a great job growing the employer community in 18 months; it now has a membership of over 120 companies including some of Scotland’s top employers such as Skyscanner, Registers of Scotland, FreeAgent, Intelligentpos and Zonal.

The community is not just for large tech companies, it’s also here to support smaller businesses from different sectors.

I want to build on this success and diversify the network to reach all areas of Scotland, increasing the community to 200 by the end of 2017.

I also want to make it clear that there’s no cost to join the the community, we only ask for a contribution to a student’s course fees once a company hires them.


What’s the best way to get in touch with you?

The best way is to email me, or to call on 0131 290 2600 – I’m always happy to connect on LinkedIn.

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