Student stories: Graham, from recruitment to software development

Made redundant in Aberdeen, the search for a new career led Graham to our intensive software development course in Glasgow.

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I was unfortunately made redundant in February. I was in recruitment in Aberdeen.

I started looking for work, but because of the way things were up there, their was nothing really going.

What brought you to CodeClan?

My partner’s company uses CodeClan in Edinburgh, so she said to go on the website and have a look. Coding and programming’s always something I’ve been interested in. So I had a look and applied for it.

What’s it like at the Glasgow campus?

It’s been absolutely fantastic. The instructors are fantastic, world class, they all know what they’re talking about. The other students are amazing, everyone’s at the same level and when you’re working together it’s handy.

What are you learning this week?

We’re in week seven, second week of Java. We’ve had four weeks of Ruby and then a project week doing Ruby and that was to create a web application. That was a steep learning curve.

Now we’re on Java, more of the same but different, if that makes sense? It’s a lot more structured and stricter.

What’s your message to someone considering CodeClan?

Do it. Genuinely come to CodeClan. It has been fantastic, I couldn’t say anything more than that.

Before I started here, I was looking into doing it myself and did a few online courses. Went OK, when I got to the point where I was stuck there was no-one to ask, I was sitting there Googling different solutions for half an hour.

Here, you’ve got an issue, just go to one of the guys. Even out of class, 9 o’clock at night when you’re working away, you’ve got Slack, the instant messaging we use, one of the guys will pick up and they’ll always help.

Definitely, definitely come to CodeClan.

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