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6 weeks at CodeClan already!

Harvey_Wheaton_CEOIncredibly, we’re already in the middle of week three of our first student Cohort, a group of 15 students embarking on their life changing 16-week journey to become software developers!  And for me, it’s week six of being in the job as Chief Executive Officer.  Time has just flown by in the flurry of that heady mix of start-up activity, from day-to-day operations and moving furniture one minute to planning three years ahead the next!

A childhood spent learning to code

I’ve been asked a lot why I took this role at CodeClan.  One way to answer that is to give a little bit of my background:  I’ve worked in the software development business in one shape or form for all of my career but that came about largely by accident rather than by design.  I was fortunate enough to grow up in a household filled with a variety of early home computers and, with the help of a very forward looking maths department at my school, I got caught up in the buzz and excitement of learning to code from an early age.  I still remember all-night coding sessions with friends figuring out how to extract the most we could from those early processors and limited memory. It was this, rather than my philosophy degree that got me my first job in a large manufacturing company doing a job I’d never heard of (“Data Dictionary Controller”, for anyone interested) and launched me into the world of software development.

Scotland needs developers

I truly believe there has never been a better time to join the tech industry. Scotland’s tech sector is showing significant growth but this will only continue if we take action now and tackle the skills crisis head on. What we need is a sustained focus on skills from everyone involved in the industry who recognise the need to invest in their own future, before it’s too late. I’d love to say CodeClan can fix the problem. Even if we managed to produce 1,200 or so at the end of three years from various different types of courses, the need is for several thousand. We can do our best to address it in the short term, but it takes time. It could take ten or 15 years.


If our first set of students is anything to go by, there are lots of talented individuals out there in Scotland waiting to jump on the bandwagon and pursue an exciting career in tech. I’m excited for Cohort 2 to start already!