Head of Student Wellbeing Q & A

With cohort 2 starting on Monday, we spoke to Leigh-Ann, Head of Student Wellbeing at CodeClan, to find out how the students are getting on so far.

So Leigh-Ann, what do you do for CodeClan as Head of Student Wellbeing?

My role here is to ensure the students have all the support they may need while undertaking the course. That can be travelling and accommodation issues, sorting out visas for foreign students, advising on budgeting (now you’re living as a student your life may well be expensive). I’m here to be a good listener when the going gets tough (it’s called an intensive course for a reason, it ain’t easy!).

What does CodeClan look for in its students?

We’re looking for diverse people who can demonstrate a little bit of creativity and thrive on problem solving.

Do you need to have experience in coding?

No. We welcome beginners, however if you’ve tried coding in the past it would give you a head start. Our pre coursework would give you 3 weeks to get to a base level which would ensure you would be ready to take the course head on.

What would you say to people who think you need to be great at maths to be a developer?

Coding is generally associated with numbers so people assume you have to be good at maths. You don’t have to be a maths wizard, just have an interest in solving problems. As long as you have a strong work ethic and an interest in technology CodeClan could well be the place for you.

Have you found that many people are having to commute from outside of Edinburgh?

Yep, so we have students from all over Europe who are not just having to commute across Scotland but move country to be a student at CodeClan. We’ll also help to immerse them in the local culture and introduce them to Edinburgh’s sights.

How are the students getting on with the course so far?

They’re doing really well. Cohort 1 have just completed their first projects, it was awesome to see all of the games and apps they came up with. They’re also really enjoying getting to know each other. It’s amazing to see how close cohort 1 have become after 7 weeks.  They’ll usually go and do a pub quiz once a week, they always seem to win it too!

So cohort 2 started on Monday. How’re they getting on?

Yes all 19 of them came in on Monday for their first day. They’re doing fab so far, they seem like a clever bunch and a real mix of personalities. We’ve got an employer session set up for them on Friday which is a chance for them to start to build a relationship with local employers. I’m excited to see how they will get on in the coming weeks.

Where do you see the students ending up after graduation?

Ideally I would like to see them all become junior level developers with our employer partner companies. However I’ve seen some elements of entrepreneurial skills and you never know, I can picture some of these guys starting their own businesses one day.

What excites you most about working for CodeClan?

Seeing a student crack the code. When that light clicks and they manage to build something with their own code, that is pretty incredible. Seeing them have that fist pump moment!

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