For Valentines Day this year we ran a Twitter campaign to spread the love of Scotland’s thriving tech industry. We contacted some of our employer partners and asked them what they loved about working in tech. 


“I love creating opportunities for the next generation of tech talent” Jamie,ScotlandIS


“The satisfaction of working as part of a dynamic team learning new technologies while solving complex and varied problems” James,Craneware


“My input is valued, I’m constantly learning new technologies and finding new ways to tackle problems. I get to work with teams I would never have exposure to in other sectors, I learn something new everyday and I get to be involved in so many different projects. I directly impact new product design, create lead generation videos and everything in between, and I get to work with great people while I do it. Tech isn’t just for those people who code – I now see how my skills compliment others in the industry”Melissa, SIMUL8


“Where else do you get to play pool and table tennis at lunch time?”FreeAgent


“Tech makes the world go round and it brings a new challenge each day!”edgetesting


“We love working in Scotland’s tech scene!” screenmedia


“#ILOVEMYJOBINTECH because we improve customers’ processes with bespoke solutions” Eureka Solutions


“Genuine, Innovative, Involved and Exceptional” Adobe

Can you see yourself working for one of these companies or another of our employer partners? Come along to an info session at CodeClan to find out all you need to know or have a look at our course page.