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5 reasons Intro to Front-End Web Development could be for you

Learning the technologies of the web can be an exciting challenge, and start you on the path to an exciting new career.

Our Intro To Front-End Web Development course, available in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, is the ideal way to start learning a valuable new skill.

Instructor John McCollum offers five reasons our Intro To Front-End course could be right for you.

1. You’ll learn practical skills from real developers

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Our Intro To Front End course is presented by developers with real world experience, teaching real world skills. The course takes place over six two-hour sessions in the evening.

Beginning with the design for a website, you’ll learn how to structure both HTML and CSS to produce a real website. Towards the end of the course, you’ll deploy your site to a live web server, for the world to see.

The focus is very much on practical tasks, and hands-on learning. You’ll work just as a front-end developer would, and gain insight into the tools and methods they use.

2. No experience is necessary

This course assumes no knowledge of computers or the internet, besides being able to save and open a file. Everything else you need to know will be covered during the course – you just need to have an interest in the internet, and how it works.

This is also a career path that in most cases doesn’t require a degree – a willingness to learn and examples of your work will stand you in great stead!

3. Front-end developers are more in-demand than ever before

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The web isn’t going away, and people who truly understand the basic technologies of the web can be highly sought after.

On Stack Overflow – one of the most popular sites for developers – there are nearly twice as many jobs targeting developers are there are developers to fill them.

This trend is expected to continue into 2018 and beyond.

4. You’ll Improve your employability

Even if you don’t plan to change your career, there are very few organisations who won’t appreciate your new-found skills.

Being able to use HTML and CSS – whether to update your company’s website, design an email newsletter, or customise a blog – is a huge advantage in a jobs market that increasingly demands online skills.

5. The course provides a great base to improve your skills further

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If you want to learn more about computers – or perhaps learn to program – you won’t find a better base for your studies than learning HTML and CSS.

In fact, CodeClan offers two further short courses where you can progress after completing this course – Intro to Programming and Web App Development.

It also serves as a great foundation for our intensive 16-week course, which aims to support people in changing their career to join the tech industry.

Find out more about our Intro to Front-End Web Development course and apply today to secure your place.


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