5 reasons Intro to Programming could be for you

There are many reasons to learn programming, from helping you to work more efficiently in the office to preparing you for a career change.

Here are five reasons our Intro to Programming evening class, taking place in both Edinburgh and Glasgow in January, could be your ideal gateway into coding.

Watch our instructor, Rick Henry, discuss what’s involved with the course:

1. It fits in with your lifestyle

Taking place over 10 evenings with a class of like-minded students, plus instructors who can answer your questions at every stage, Intro to Programming allows you to learn coding at a steady pace and keep going with the day job.

So if you’ve never tried programming before and don’t want to quit your day-to-day job to learn it, then this is the course for you.

Watch one student explain their thoughts on the course:

2. You can automate time-consuming processes

Is there a report you regularly run for clients or data you have to sift through that takes too long on Excel? Or do you want to work out the results of a Fantasy Football league for friends?

We’ll teach you how to write a script that creates a program on your computer to simplify everyday tasks, helping you to retrieve information and analyse it directly.

Put simply, it gives you more control.

3. You (and your employer) can save money

We’re all used to Word and Excel, but when it comes to more complex tasks involving creating new programs for your business it’s usually easier, though not necessarily cheaper, to outsource them to an agency.

By learning the basics of coding and understanding a language like Ruby, you’ll soon be in a better position to communicate with your technical team, either in-house or externally, which will benefit you and your employer.

4. You’ll be prepared for changes in the workplace

code screenshot

It’s estimated that more than 90,000 Scottish jobs will be automated in the next 14 years, meaning your current skills could start to look a little tired compared to university graduates in a just a few years time.

It’s more important than ever to keep your skill set up-to-date and understanding the basics of coding can only make your CV stronger.

5. You’ll be in an ideal position to change career

Once you understand the basics of programming you’ll get a feel for particular areas you enjoy or want to learn more about. With thousands of digital jobs available in Scotland, you’ll be in a prime position to think about shifting into a new career.

Intro to Programming is an excellent first step towards our popular 16-week intensive coding course which takes place in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, while 2017 will see us run a new series of courses that will improve your skills further.

However if evening courses suit you better, keep an eye on our website or get in touch with our admissions team to find out more about our up-and-coming courses planned for 2017.

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