How do I learn coding? Why would I learn coding? Wait… what actually is coding?

Unsure what coding is or how to get started? Here are a few answers to your burning questions.

What is coding?

Coding is the process of writing computer programs. Every website you visit (including this one), each app you use on your phone, even machines like dishwashers have been programmed by humans.

Different programming languages are used to make different things, like web pages, mobile apps, games and computer programmes.


Why code?

All the amazing things our technology can do has been programmed by skilled and imaginative programmers.

Shazam tells you what song is playing by listening to a few seconds of a song and identifies its auditory fingerprint to tell you the title and artist before the track has finished playing. Amazon’s shopping app can use the camera to identify objects nearby and match them with items on sale.

There’s research, science, creativity and code behind both of them.

Being able to programme unlocks a creative toolkit for you. It gives you the freedom to make your ideas come to life in exactly the way you imagined rather than being restricted to web page or game generators.


How do I learn to code?

Once you’ve made a choice, the next step is to find a textbook or an online resource that will teach you that language. There are a large number of online tutorials available and many are free – we’ve recommended nine websites to start your coding journey, including Codecademy and Treehouse.

These sites are a great introduction into the world of coding, but many people find it difficult to study on their own from a web page.

This is why bootcamps like CodeClan have been so popular and successful around the world.

We offer a range of courses in Edinburgh and Glasgow to suit both those looking to up-skill and anyone considering changing career.

Find out more about our courses and come along to one of our information sessions.


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