Why learning Ruby is like learning English

Ruby on Rails is our language of choice at CodeClan – our instructors use it to build applications and our students learn it from the very beginning. As a developer I’ve been been using C# for many years and I must admit when I came to CodeClan I was a little bit sceptical about doing Ruby.  I loved my typed languages, I loved the power of Visual Studio and I was not looking forward to leaving all that behind to learn all this crazy dynamic language nonsense.

It turns out that I couldn’t have been more wrong to be dubious of Ruby. It is a joyous language – it is so easy to read since a lot of the methods actually read a lot like English.

For example:

3.times { print 'cat'}

Will print the word cat 3 times.


(1..10).select { |n| n.even? }

Will select all the even numbers from the set 1 to 10.


['fred', 'wilma', 'betty', 'barney'].reverse

Returns the collection in the reverse order.

It’s like learning English!

This makes Ruby so easy to pick up since most of the code you read and write is much closer to English than other programming languages. You can focus on the core concepts of programming while you are learning, rather than wrestling with the syntax. I also find not having to wait 10 minutes for Visual Studio to start up before I can do anything really refreshing too – it’s wonderful working with a streamlined, light environment with a language that is so easy to pick up. If I could go back in time, I would tell my past self to learn Ruby first before everything else!

Bio: Val is in her second week as a course instructor for CodeClan. She has 9+ years of programming experience, is a board game enthusiast and Argentine Tango expert!

Written by Val, Instructor at CodeClan