Life After My Web Development Immersive Course

It’s been a rollercoaster of a journey with highs and lows and some “CAN I GET OFF THIS RIDE” moments. But as I reminisce on the whole experience, there is not a single day that I regret.

In case you don’t know the Web development immersive course is a 12-week course that is quite… Intense. It didn’t just teach me how to code, but it helped in so many other ways. It taught me how to work in a group, work by myself, participate in class, overcome fears of speaking to the group and find answers in the web.

It taught me how to learn again.

With no previous experience in the world of code, I decided to leave my catering world and start this new adventure. Along the way I met some great people and formed greater friendships with people that know what I went through. Thanks to my teacher Michael and the assistants, Jarkyn, Johanna and Alex I have come to love my newly attained skill.

The first week was like an easy introduction to it all, but as the weeks passed the work load seemed to drown me in a state of fear, and I thought many times thought that this was impossible, but was assured by all that I was doing fine.

There have been many challenges on the way, but none that I couldn’t overcome. From learning Ruby to starting my projects and working on GitHub with a team, to taking part on a 24hr Hackathon, it has all been worth it. The 12 weeks of hard work, the home work, and all those code dreams -that kept me up most nights!

But as they once inspired me I am looking forward to working with CodeClan – Edinburgh’s first digital skills academy. I have a job that is interesting, where I learnevery day and will now be applying my previous experience as a student and helping as an instructional assistant for 16 weeks.

As the course will start in October, I will surely have to update this again, and tell you what is it like to swap roles, to help the students with their white spaces, indentation and coding the lazy way. I’ll compare my stories with them and assure them everyday that “yes you can do it too”.

-Tony, Instructional Assistant