Meet our partners: Andrew Lints from Craneware

Andrew Lints, Craneware’s Principal of Agile and Documentation, on how employers can benefit from recruiting CodeClan graduates.

In brief, Andrew Lints describes Craneware as a “market leading provider of healthcare solutions to a predominantly US market.”

This transatlantic software company may have their American offices situated in Atlanta, Georgia – but the Headquarters can be found on this side of the ocean in Edinburgh.

Andrew describes the daily routine of Craneware employees as being set up in “self-managing scrum teams”.

“The daily routine of each team is slightly different as they are encouraged to self-organise within Scrum to become progressively successful,” explains Andrew.

“Having said that, the traits of our most successful teams are consistent – they’re close-knit, collaborative and thrive on developing technical solutions.”

Finding the right employees

Andrew Lints at his desk

Obviously, teams which manage themselves require employees with particular skills and Andrew admits it can be difficult to pin down what is required from potential interviewees.

“When interviewing, my focus is around building successful teams and that involves identifying complimentary skills and personalities for our available positions. I thoroughly enjoy the interview process and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to talk to candidates about how a role at Craneware may be the right option for them.”

In searching out the right employees, the healthcare company have partnered up with our 16-week course and Andrew thinks coding graduates have something to offer.

“CodeClan are invested in ensuring graduates are well placed to get employment opportunities,” he says.

“They have the backing of high profile employee partners, and they have a proactive employer support team, that have been brilliant at giving Craneware the chance to meet interested graduates.”

Work-ready graduates

Andrew Lints at monitors

Our commitment to letting employers and graduates interact throughout the course is another clear benefit for Andrew.

Speed Networking events are a great alternative to the traditional interview. We encourage all our engineers to meet with the graduates and share their experiences in a relaxed environment. It’s great to step back and watch the buzz generated by people discussing their shared passion.”

Andrew says he wasn’t skeptical of the intensive model and believes that graduates have the right to prove themselves out in the field.

“Obviously, there are limitations to the amount of experience that can be obtained in 16 weeks, but we recognise the effort required to graduate. The success of the model can only be measured by giving graduates the opportunity to further their development.”

Craneware currently has a CodeClan graduate in their Step into Software program, and according to Andrew he “demonstrates that the knowledge he acquired, along with his willingness for continual development, has given him a great launchpad for a career in technology.”

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