Meet five CodeClan career changers

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Thinking about changing career? Looking to equip yourself with future-proof tech and data skills? Meet five recent CodeClan graduates who did just that.

Primary teacher to front end developer

Emma, CodeClan graduate“I was a primary teacher for 12 years. A few years ago I took an art course and learnt about digital design and making collages in Photoshop, which led me onto HTML and CSS which struck my interest in coding. Meanwhile, I was getting burnt out with teaching, I didn’t want to continue it long term and hoped I could transition into something else. While I was looking for an online computer science course I came across CodeClan. I really enjoyed learning new things every day, especially the all-day labs where we could get stuck into a complex task and the solo and group projects made me feel like a real developer.”

Emma, Professional Software Development graduate and now front end developer at Betasoft

Data is not all maths!

Stewart, CodeClan graduate“A lot of the Data Analysis course was stuff that I was doing with my work previously, so I wanted to learn those technical skills. I think there’s a massive misconception that you need to be this mathematical whizz to be able do a career in data. CodeClan have really good instructors that, when they give you the maths, they explain it in a really easy way to understand using real world examples and also they are really good support after the lesson so if you’re really struggling with something, they’ll sit down with you on a one to one basis and help you understand those mathematical problems and equations more easily.”

Stewart, Data Analysis graduate and now Marketing Manager at Pawprint

HGVs to software development

Alan, CodeClan graduate“I decided to take the massive jump and change career from driving HGVs to a Software Developer and this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The attraction of CodeClan to me was the immersive bubble you find yourself in. The course itself is great as it teaches you not only the skills to code but the skills you need to learn which in my opinion is just as valuable if not more as this is what you’ll be doing for the rest of your career.”

Alan, Professional Software Development graduate,  Edinburgh. Currently volunteering at Scottish Tech Army

Building the confidence to progress

“I didn’t expect to learn so much during my time at CodeClan. I hadn’t studied for a long time and the pace was quick but I soon got into a routine. I found the team really supportive and friendly. I could ask lots of questions and no one would mind – it was so encouraging. I couldn’t have gotten through the course without everyone’s help and I’ve now got the confidence to progress in my career.”

Julie, Web Development graduate and now Junior Software Developer at Pinnacle Business Solutions

Getting practical experience

John, CodeClan graduate“Prior to the course I had some software development knowledge but I wanted to expand my skillset. After hearing about the Data Analysis course on the radio, I wanted to find out more. The course was hugely intensive. On top of class work we had homework in the evenings and at weekends, but this was a great way to learn and get practical experience of what we’d been taught. The support was amazing, the Student Services Team and instructors are so approachable and they were always willing to listen and help me through things – CodeClan is a great investment!”

John, Data Analysis graduate and now Data Engineer at The Scottish Government

Start your own career change

Check out our career change and upskilling courses. We also host regular webinars for anyone wanting to write their first lines of code or talk to our team. You can register over on the events section of our website.

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