Meet five Professional Data Analysis graduates

Meet 5 DA Grads

Our students come from many walks of life and apply to CodeClan with varied expectations and goals. We asked some of our recent data analysis graduates about their professional backgrounds, career goals, and their experience at training at CodeClan. Here’s what they said:

1. Stewart

Stewart is now using data to extract insights and create stronger marketing strategies.

“I’d been trying to learn different skills to complement my marketing background and from my experience, data is always going to be a critical part of the role whether it’s in research, campaign performance or traffic. There’s always some sort of data analysis that is needed and being able to execute that is something the modern marketer needs to know how to do.

“Having gone through the process of using Excel to now using R as a marketer, the difference is night and day. A lot of people get overwhelmed with the idea of programming and have no idea where to start but with a course like CodeClan’s you don’t have to worry about that.”

2. Elly

Having lost enthusiasm in her previous career in accounting, Elly was keen to update and add to her skillset to progress in a career in data. Since finding a new passion in data on our course, she’s now furthering her academic studies.

“I loved my experience at CodeClan. The course content was great and the instructors were lovely and supportive, as well as the other wider CodeClan team. My cohort was really friendly which added to the experience.”

3. Jonathan

Coming from an investments background, Jonathan now works as a Junior Consultant at a niche data management and analytics consultancy. He wanted to learn data analysis skills to streamline and apply more structure to his work.

“CodeClan restored some of my faith in humanity(!) and myself. Coming from a non-tech background, I didn’t know what to expect from the course but it embodied the collaborative and knowledge-sharing of the industry perfectly and their instructors certainly led by example. Although I didn’t know that I needed it, I feel set up for continued learning.”     

4. Geraldine

Having previously worked as an engineer, Geraldine is using her newly acquired data skills in her career as an Information Analyst in the public sector.

“CodeClan was an incredible learning journey to experience and I was lucky enough to meet some lovely people along the way. The Instructors were all very helpful and the course content was really good.”

5. Jack

Jack worked zero-hour contracts and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he started to think about the next step. Since graduating our Professional Data Analysis course he’s secured a job as a Data Analyst at a market leading data services company.

“Compared to a university course, CodeClan provides you with much more practical experience and knowledge. The best part for me was discovering a love for open-source languages in a very interesting and enjoyable way. The instructors are very knowledgeable and make the understanding process of data analysis and overall topic so much easier to grasp. Learning remotely didn’t affect my experience and if anything it taught me how to effectively work remotely.”

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