Meet our graduates: Alex, Junior Software Developer


After completing the Professional Software Development course this February, Alex now works as a Junior Software Developer for Trade in Space in Glasgow.

We caught up with her since her time on the course to talk about her career change.

What did you do before CodeClan?

My most recent “pre-tech” role was working for a property data company conducting research. The common theme throughout all of my jobs has been interpersonal/communication roles.

I’ve always really enjoyed working with people – either in a team, or with customers.

Why did you decide to get into coding and tech?

Despite having had lots of jobs I felt like I had no “career”. Coding and tech had always been really interesting to me but had seemed unattainable – I had no technical knowledge, and uni wasn’t an option.

A good friend had signed up to CodeClan, and I liked the idea of fast-tracking a career change, gaining technical skills, and future-proofing myself.

How did you find day-to-day life on the course?

I really enjoyed my time at CodeClan! We had a great cohort, everyone was in the same boat. We’d help each other out with homework, share job opportunities etc. CodeClan is a lot of work, but you learn to use your time wisely.

I also couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. He’d always make sure we “got it”. He really gave us confidence that we could do anything we put our minds to.

What’s happening right now for your career?

I work for Trade in Space Ltd. The company works with blockchain and satellite data. I do lots of different things – not just coding.

I’ve helped create prototype front-end for an app which I’m still working on with the help of some senior technical staff. I also get to be involved with sourcing data, speaking with suppliers, going to events, presentations etc.

Do you have any advice for people considering CodeClan?

I would recommend CodeClan as a starting point to anyone wanting to get into tech. Four weeks into the course, you’ll present your first complete, solo-project and you’ll barely remember the first-day nerves.

There’s so much to experience and take advantage of at CodeClan- you can speak with employers, go to meet-ups and social events, get advice from alumni, and more.

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