Meet our Industry Partners: Skyscanner

An image of people working for Skyscanner, one of CodeClan's partners.
Skyscanner became our industry partner last year, and since then, they have hired thirteen of our graduates, and are looking to keep hiring from CodeClan in the future to strengthen their rapidly growing team. 

We caught up with Ben Stewart, Engineering Director, to hear about how their most recent CodeClan graduates are getting on. 

Tell us a bit about Skyscanner 

Skyscanner is a leading online travel marketplace dedicated to putting travellers first. We help tens of millions of people in 52 countries and over 30 languages find the best travel options for flights, hotels and car hire every month.   

What’s the training and onboarding process like for CodeClan graduates? 

We are passionate about learning from each CodeClan cohort so that we continue to create the best possible experience. We understand that when starting a new job, everyone’s needs are different, so we tailor the training and onboarding process to the individual and their team.  

The amazing thing about Skyscanner is that no two squads (small teams) are the same. We offer a tonne of different material through Skyscanner University for getting to grips with travel, technology, and the individual teams.

For non-technical areas, graduates get an onboarding buddy which is essential for all of the new start questions. This could be anything from how the travel industry works, to understanding how to make coffee on our barista equipment in the office. 

What kind of projects are CodeClan graduates working on right now/will be working on? 

We got an update from some of the CodeClan graduates at a recent Lean Coffee. There was an interesting range of projects including: 

  • Making sure when travellers hit ‘buy’ for a flight, they get an awesome experience 
  • Building automated tooling which checks all our services to make sure they are performing to our standards 
  • Supporting the mobile web version of Skyscanner, which millions of travellers use every month to search for their dream destination 

There isn’t an area of our business that CodeClan graduates couldn’t get involved in. Data, SEO, flights, enablement, and advertising are just some of squads based in our Scottish offices.

Skyscanner is looking to make the complex simple for travellers. So, as you can imagine, there are fantastic challenges to get your teeth into to achieve that. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to join Skyscanner? 

Ask questions. One of our core values is to be ‘endlessly curious.’ Imposter Syndrome often stops you asking in fear of looking silly – but that’s a load of rubbish! I’ve worked here for three years and now support as a senior leader; I still ask questions every day and I’m better for it. So please, ask the question! 

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