Meet our Employer Partners: Airts

Andrew and Will from software development company, Airts, explain why they’re hiring career changers from CodeClan.

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We’re based in CodeBase above CodeClan and we’re a resource management scheduling software development company. We use the power of AI to help people schedule all their work for all their staff.

We’re looking to hire some more people – Will is a former CodeClanner, and he works in the Front End. We’ve had great experience with him and we’re looking to get more people.

People who come to CodeClan are looking to change themselves and what they do in their lives. If you want to be able to react to a fast paced industry, you need people who are able to adapt themselves because these people come here for a very intense 16-weeks and it’s totally different sometimes to what they’ve done in the past.

People don’t end up at CodeClan by accident, they’ve made a conscious decision to change career and that’s a certain risk and requires a certain dedication, so the people that come here have made a real decision to pursue this as a direction in their lives.

It might seem risky to change from a traditional course of finding people to work for you, but knowing they’ve also taken the risk, it’s a joint thing you’re doing and they’re willing to commit to work for you in the right way.

Visit the Airts website.

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