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Inoapps is an IT services company delivering business systems to organisations using Oracle technology. Here, the Inoapps team discuss how CodeClan graduates have strengthened their development team.

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Dermot Murray: Inoapps is an IT services company, we deliver business systems to organisation using Oracle technology. We’re rapidly growing, lots of activity in the UK and Asia. We’ve been working with CodeClan for about two years, we were one of the first partner organisations and it was a gamble; we were taking on individuals who hadn’t really worked in this sector before, with skills and experience in all sorts of other different sectors, and it was a risk.

But we found if you recruit the right individuals with the right skills, aptitude and hunger, and then provide the investment in training to underpin those skills and allow them to grow, then it can provide you with access to a pool of really high quality individuals that will add value to your workforce going forward.

Alasdair Lippok: I’m Alasdair Lippok, I’m a CodeClan graduate and now a Products Developer at Inoapps. I was a primary school teacher for about five or six years, enjoyed parts of it then it came to crunch time and I’d had enough. Saw the CodeClan course and got the opportunity there. Touched on JavaScript, Java, Ruby, my knowledge of Oracle was ‘Oh, you can select from tables?’

Dermot: The technical skills, the Ruby, the Python, the Java skills that the individuals learn at CodeClan, are not skills that we use, we use Oracle. But I can train people in those Oracle skills really easily.

Alasdair: Thinking back to it, he didn’t mention the fact that I didn’t know Oracle. He wanted to know about me, my previous skills, how did I work, was I willing to work?

Dermot: For us, the CodeClan training of how to learn, how to develop the software development lifecycle, that’s really important for us, much more so than the technical tools they learn on the course. I can train that, I can’t train people how to learn, to have that hunger and appetite to development and high quality coding.

Callum Bentley: More than anything else, CodeClan teaches you how to learn. When you come in here, you’re constantly learning new languages, talking to new people, acronyms are being thrown at you and you need to be able to deal with that intensity. So CodeClan teaches you to deal with making strategies for yourself and how you’re going to learn that subject or new programming language. You’re constantly working with other programmers at CodeClan, and that’s something you do here every day, it’s about developing those interpersonal skills.

Dermot: We’re going through a really exciting time, we’ve got huge opportunities to expand, expansion going on in America, the Far East and here in the UK. That expansion needs new talent, we see that our partnership with CodeClan is fundamental to that. By bringing on that next generation of talent, training them up and building them into the types of individuals and skillsets we need, that’s going to underpin Inoapps as an organisation as we grow and expand in the next three, five and ten years.

Alasdair: Two years ago I was coming out of CodeClan, no job, and now here I am. I have a job, a career that’ll most probably last until I retire, so it’s an amazing change.


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