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Meet the Team – Niall Morris

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Learn about CodeClan’s instructor team – their career journey so far, their passions and interests, as well as their day to day work life.

Niall Morris is an assistant instructor on CodeClan’s Professional Software Development course in Glasgow.

How did you become a CodeClan instructor?

I was working as a full-stack software developer for an HR management app in Glasgow city centre, and decided I wanted to take some time away from a day job in order to learn some new skills. My old job had hired a couple of CodeClan graduates, so I knew roughly the kind of skills people learned on the  Professional Software Development course. I had heard through a friend who graduated from the course that CodeClan were hiring, so I got in touch! I was definitely drawn to working for a social enterprise, as well as the teaching style. I’ve only been here since the end of August 2019, but it is going great so far.

What would you say is your CodeClan career highlight so far?

It was really good to see the first class I taught graduate in December, and hear about everyone from the class starting to get software jobs. People can come to CodeClan from a huge variety of backgrounds and skill levels – it is amazing to see people who have never programmed before create such ambitious projects in such a short period of time.

What’s the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

I like a lot of things about this job! I’m a very social person, so I like chatting with students instead of being in front of my own laptop all day. I love problem-solving, so helping someone work through a particularly tricky piece of code is always good fun for me. Ultimately, I think the best thing about working here is how much I’m encouraged to learn. I feel like I’m constantly learning new frameworks, getting better at the languages I already know, and working on projects that help me deepen my knowledge of web development and software skills in general.

What’s the most exciting thing about software development?

This is cheesy to say, but I actually love it all! I did a lot of work with databases at my last job, so feel like I’m more enthusiastic about SQL than a lot of developers can be. I’m also super into the World Weird Web and the wild possibilities for making creative content modern web dev allows us.

What advice do you have for someone who is thinking of studying software development at CodeClan?

Definitely come along to one of the open evenings or Coding Experience days, and ask as many questions as you can. Studying at CodeClan is a big investment in terms of time and money, but having studied computing science at uni before working at CodeClan, I feel really confident in recommending the course to people. 

The curriculum here can move at a much faster pace than traditional higher education establishments, and the style of teaching is (in my opinion) much more engaging. I also think the employment statistics, partner network and alumni testimonials should speak for themselves, so definitely ask around and see what kind of work CodeClan can lead to.

Where do you hang out in CodeClan?

I like hanging around the kitchen and chatting about something that isn’t code – I always think that clearing my head before looking at a tricky problem is the best thing for it. If I’m not there I might be meekly grinding coffee in a quiet corner, trying to hide the fact I’m a massive snob.

What do you do in your free time?

I play a few instruments and play in a couple of bands – other than that, I mostly just hang around with family and friends! I like cooking, cycling and I’m getting more and more into board games. I’m trying to write some fiction for a “game” I have half an idea about…

What was the last thing you watched on TV?

I’ve not long finished re-watching Seinfeld, one of my all-time favourite sit-coms. More recently, I’ve loved Derry Girls and Stath Lets Flats. I’m also watching The Sopranos for the first time, so please, no spoilers.

What’s your favourite book?

Generally, I like old-school sci-fi like The Midwich Cuckoos or Fahrenheit 451. I’m also very interested in Northern Ireland, and really enjoyed For The Good Times by David Keenan.

Tell us something surprising about yourself!

I’m suuuuuper into The Simpsons and have a Bart Simpson tattoo on my arm. My dad very seriously described it as “the worst thing [I’ve] ever done!!!”, so hopefully this means it was a good decision.



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