No tech background, no problem! 8 career changers from different backgrounds

Career Changers

Our students come from a variety of different experiences and skill sets. See eight of many roles of our career changers came from, and why they decided to break away to work towards a new career in tech.

1. Charlotte- Midwife

Career Changers CodeClan

“I think a lot of people thought (and still think) I was nuts to leave such a stable profession as midwifery, but I’ve never experienced such self-determination within myself before. For the first time, I had an overwhelming sense of ‘I can do this, I will prove the risk is worth it’.”

See how Charlotte finds her role in tech here.

2. Claire- Digital Marketing

Claire graduating at CodeClan

“I’ve been interested in coding and technology since I was a young teenager. Digital marketing helped to scratch that itch because it’s creative and technology-focused, but…it wasn’t until CodeClan came along that I realised a career change could be a real option for me.”

See how Claire finds her role in tech here.

3. Daniel- Manual labour work

Career Changers: Daniel at Dog

“I came from a manual labor job and didn’t have any past tech experience or secondary education. I had been working with my hands most of my adult life but then decided to take it another step and change career…I feel like it was the correct move for me. It’s a world I was never part of and every day is a new challenge that I enjoy working through.”

See how Daniel finds his role in tech here.

4. Alex- Researcher

Career Changers

“Despite having had lots of jobs I felt like I had no “career”. Coding and tech had always been really interesting to me but had seemed unattainable – I had no technical knowledge, and uni wasn’t an option. A good friend had signed up to CodeClan, and I liked the idea of fast-tracking a career change, gaining technical skills, and future-proofing myself.”

See how Alex finds her role in tech here.

5. Robert- Work in the Oil and Gas industry

“The decision wasn’t a spur of the moment one but a well thought out process based on a number of factors… After a number of possible future career brainstorming ideas I stumbled upon CodeClan… Soon thereafter, I landed my dream job in my hometown of Dundee”

See how Robert finds his role in tech here.

6. John- Primary School teacher

“Before Codeclan I worked as a primary school teacher. I took a lot from teaching, but after 10+ years I decided that it was time for a new challenge… It wasn’t until I heard of CodeClan that I thought about it as a viable career opportunity.”

See how John finds his role in tech here.

7. Kat- Journalist

As I progressed in my career, although I enjoyed it, I didn’t feel like I was playing to my strengths and I’d come to a point where my next career step wasn’t clear to me… because I’m a mum with young children I couldn’t take three years to go and do a degree, so I wasn’t sure how to make it work for me. That’s when a friend told me that CodeClan was opening.”

See how Kat finds her role in tech here.

8. Hayley- Microbiologist

Career Changers

Before CodeClan I was a bartender travelling around Australia. I have a degree in Zoology and had worked in a laboratory as a microbiologist, before realising I didn’t enjoy it. While travelling I met a few developers and they got me to try coding… Some of them were able to work and travel at the same time, something I hadn’t considered as an option before.”

See how Hayley finds her role in tech here.

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